Is it really a spoiler if the story is 200 years old?

A lot has been on my mind lately. But I’d have to say that of all of it, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, a modern adaption of Pride & Prejudice, has taken the cake. And unfortunately for all of us, this is a metaphorical cake. The cake is a lie.

Photo from TumblrHow I yearned for him to say  "Bow ties are cool."

Photo from Tumblr
How I yearned for him to say “Bow ties are cool.”

But I’ve been slightly obsessed with it in recent weeks months. My poor husband has been subjected to nodding politely and listening quietly EVERY DAY while I talk about what’s happened on this show.

So if you’ve fallen behind, never seen the thing, or have some strange notion that everything will be exactly like the book, you might (meaning absolutely) want to go watch a few episodes before you read my next rant.



I will be the first to say that I did not believe the conspirators who said “sex tape” was going to be it. Well, I applaud you, theorists. I previously had thought the notion utterly ridiculous. In fact, I was pretty sure Lydia was going to have a Vegas wedding. Just to have some drunken, not-too-serious commitment fun in spite of her sister/family. Perhaps she was going to think that it was just a joke until she realized she signed papers. Maybe she’d run off with George never to return, kind of like the book. But once she got back from Vegas, my theory was obviously crushed.

But it took time for me to realize just how much sense the adaption is making. I’m a Lydia-fan as much as the next person, but she’s a bit reckless and I know some reckless people and split-second decisions are not rare among the breed. At the same time, she’s lovable and passionate and we would all hate to see a flower like that wilt.

As I was discussing with a fellow-fangril-friend of mine, I don’t see Lydia even ending up with George. In her series of videos with him, he’s manipulative and the red flags of abusive behavior are glaring. And though I don’t think it was very smart or nice of her to hold a grudge against Lizzie, she doesn’t deserve to be treated like that.

Especially when it involves a SEX TAPE! (A fictional one, of course.) Goodness! Talk about taking advantage of a vulnerable girl and her family for selfish pursuits. George needs to go! But of course, the writers know this. Thanks guys. You’ve strapped my emotions into a roller coaster.

Did any of you see the “peach” cross-reference? Chills.

Anyway, after Monday’s video (episode 85) I was so sad. Again, I was wondering about the conspirators who said that maybe Lydia knew about the tape. I didn’t want to believe it, but mid-video I doubted myself. That is, until Lydia got confused and quiet until she ran off camera.

It’s a good thing George Wickham is fictional. Otherwise he’d be dead.

So back to why this all makes perfect sense. We have to start with the fact that The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is a 21st century adaption. Marriage is more closely related to a career. The point-of-view is limited to Lizzie in her room (or wherever she can set the camera down). Costume-theater provides us with the other characters until they appear on the show themselves (whether they know it or not… Bing). It makes more sense that Mary is a cousin and Kitty is a cat. It makes more sense that Ricky Collins only has a job to offer. It makes more sense that Pemberley is Darcy’s company, not his estate.

And it makes the most sense that Lydia should leave Wix in the dust! At least to me.

In the book, what’s really at stake? The family’s reputation. Namely, Lydia’s. Darcy is the only one with enough resources to save their family. So the core of story arc is still very present.

I love Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice. But if Bernie Su, Hank Green and the rest of the creative team decide to leave out the part where Lydia enters an abusive relationship and is short on money for the rest of her life, I wouldn’t hate it. It’s not the same Lydia. Book Lydia wouldn’t have played with the lonely kid while she babysat. Book Lydia wouldn’t have had such a high regard for what her sisters think. Book Lydia wouldn’t have covered mean girls’ cars in unicorn stickers for Mary’s sake. Leaving out the fact that unicorn stickers were far and few between in the 19th century.

I am just counting the days before Jane and Bing get back together, Lizzie fully realizes just how wonderful Darcy is, and Ms. de Bourgh tries to ruin everything (but I can’t even begin wondering about that right now)!

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