Community Service


Oh Community! Tonight marks the return of NBC’s comedic show about the antics surrounding a community college and its students! When this show came out, I was all, “Nope. Not gonna watch it. It looks boring and it’ll probably be cancelled.” And then I wiped that dirt off my shoulder. Much to my chagrin.

So I couldn’t be all hipster about it. (Is that joke overused? I think it’s overused.) I did later watch the entire show. My fascination with it sparked when I watched the episode. Oops. Typo. I meant the episode.

Official title “Modern Warfare”
Title it’s known by “The Paintball Episode

This episode is likely the reason that many of Community’s fans are still fans. The rage, the comedy, it was gold! (And bright purple, neon green, reflector-orange, you get the picture.) Following that was the episode about drug-dealing chicken (Contemporary American Poultry), the one with DnD (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons which is the reason I even play), and the second year’s paintball chaos (A Fistful of Paintballs). Finish it off with Troy and Abed in the MOOORNING, the Spanish rap (which I’ve heard a thousand times thanks to my husband’s inability to get songs out of his head), and all the evil-Chang laughs, and you have a pleasantly strange and frequently hilarious show.

If you’ve never seen the show, I’d suggest doing it promptly. I mean, I’m a hardcore geek, and so I tend to seek geeking out opportunities on a full-time basis. You don’t have to listen to me. But, if you want to listen to me (because I’m right), you should watch it if you want a light-hearted, really funny show to pass the time. The characters are as dysfunctional as they come. And we all know from our adventures with Pooh-bear that dysfunction is the only way a TV show functions.

And do it in order, for Pete’s sake! I don’t even know Pete, but I do for sure know that he hates it when people skip around the episodes like they’re playing frickin hopscotch! DO IT FOR PETE!

Here’s a list of things to pay service to the long time fans and make non-fans go “whaaa??”
Annie’s boobs, Kentucky Fried Chicken Space Simulator, El Tigre, Journey to the Center of Hawkthorne, “They ran out of the men’s costumes”, BAGle, Changuage, the Disney face, Shut-Up Leonard!, KickPuncher, and of course, E Pluribus Anus.

Please, don’t look them up. Just watch the show already!

With love, Piperbee


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