Modern Austen is even more heart-wrenching!

I almost cried at work today. It was so sad. That last Lizzie Bennet video (Episode 87) just threw me for an emotional roller coaster. The acting was superb (I tell myself because why else would I have gotten all teary-eyed).

The saddest part is obvious to anyone keeping up with it. But something that has pulled at my heart strings is the devolution of this character:lizzie-bennet-diaries-lydia-bennetLydia Bennet. In this picture (which is from Hypable’s article on 4 P&P Characters that LBD Improved) we see the hyper, exciting, superfun Lydia Bennet, who has always been known for her party-girl attitude, even if we used to have different words for it before.

But today, she was reduced to tears. If you don’t know why, then I can only say it was a huge betrayal of trust. Just like that, the joyful Lydia is a victim, sobbing in her sister’s arms.

I had to blog about it. It was too much, and I’ve never been so invested in anything from the interwebs since my days on Nickelodeon’s message boards in middle school. I can only say that I’m eager for the resolution that will inevitably come in the next few days. And that I highly recommend this web series to everyone with a heart.

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