Just a side note type thing

So, I’m freaking out you guys. First of all, my Sunday D&D sessions are pretty intense. I mean, I’m still a newbie, and I have yet to build the courage to ask for a random encounter from my Dungeon Master (DM), but the more I play, the more I learn, and the more I enjoy it.


Photo from Papers & Pencils

I just want to say a FEW things about D&D.

For the newer-than-newbie, here’s a rundown of what I understand D&D is (at least for someone whose knowledge is basically “nerd game”). Dungeons and Dragons has lots of dungeons and dragons, but it also has cities and under-cities, fantastical monsters of all varieties, magic (Harry Potter fans, its what’s up), battles of wit and chance, and is a lot like role-playing with a video game and NO LIMITS. Yep. No limits to what you can do. If you want to pick up and throw a PERSON IN BATTLE, you can do that! If you want to sing gangster-rap to a skeleton, why the heck not? If you want to invent popcorn, coin the term “cat’s out of the bag,” or make a political pun, you have that freedom, as long as your DM can spin it reasonably. Which, if you have an awesome one like I do, he can and most likely will.

As a dreamer/writer/creative soul, it really appeals to me. I love my Druid (think Nature Wizard) character, partly because I love her Animal Companion, which is an Arctic Cheetah named River (nicknamed Red Lobster by my husband’s character). My cheetah has some pretty wicked stats, which is to say, it’s a decent character all on its own. Besides, I love learning about the skills and spells that my Druid has, and I’ve been having fun with backstory and discovering things about the current world/situation. (I seriously just googled Druid and found one with a cheetah snow leopard *close enough* as an animal companion, leaving out that my character has white hair, but seriously, my luck is awesome today. I even won a dollar. Ok, off topic in parenthesis.)

So for all you nerd-haters, don’t knock it till you try it. Come play! I’m up for it!

Ok, so following that tangent, I also am freaking out about The Walking Dead! Did you guys see the intensity?!

And I’m writing a musical based on a not-so-well-known Grimm Brother’s fairytale. Just throwing that out there.

Welp, everyone, however few you are in numbers, have a fantastic week! And Happy President’s day.



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