A couple donuts

So, let me start this by telling a short little story. One day, my sister decided to buy coffee for the person in the car behind her. A few days later, someone did that exact same thing for her. A lot of us call it karma, but a few of us know that it’s a little more complicated and a lot more loving than “what goes around comes around.”

So, just this week, my twelve-year-old cousin and his family had quite the scare. He started to have abdominal pain, and it turned out to be appendicitis. These days, emergency surgery is best when it’s appendicitis because it is very common and a very routine procedure. So even though the condition is life-threatening, as long as you catch it, it’s a pretty easy fix. Being young and healthy, my cousin seemed to have recovered from surgery just fine.

My mom, who’s very close to him, asked him to tell her what she could bring when she visited. Anything in the world, she said, and you must know, she could have only asked him this, because he would never dream of being overbearing. My teenage brother could have a limb amputated and my mom wouldn’t ask him this question!

At first, my cousin refused to take anything. She continued to tell him that he could have anything in the whole world, and eventually he said, “Well, I would like some Krispy Kreme.” So today, she sat in the drive-up and ordered two dozen donuts, one of the regular kind, and one assorted box, thinking that they should be able to eat them with the family.

This is where karma gets interesting. As my mom drove up, the cashier told her that the woman in front of her paid for the order. Generosity must be contagious. It was the same kind gesture that my sister had experienced not a week before. But it was different this time. That woman would never know that what she paid for was the only thing my cousin had wanted in the whole world. It might seem like a couple donuts to most people, but to me, it’s a loving gesture from God.

You never know what your giving will do for someone. Maybe it’ll make someone’s day, maybe it’ll change your life, maybe it’ll bring joy into a heart that really needed it. The lesson, I guess, is that it isn’t “what goes around comes around,” but it’s “let love go around.”

If you need ideas or want to find some inspirational stories, check out I Like Giving, a website dedicated to sharing love and giving selflessly.


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