Seattle of my dreams

So I went on a Seattle Adventure with my husband last weekend. It was the start of his spring break and I actually managed to get a Saturday off, so we hopped in the car at 7:30 am with two tickets to a Pike Place food tour from Savor Seattle (which I totally recommend, by the way).

IMG_0729It was a beautiful, sunny day in the city! And it wasn’t long before we headed to the world famous market.

IMG_0730Most of the tour was in Pike Place Market, which is a vast array of food, flower, jewelry, art, you-name-it stands. I have to say, the Daily Dozen Donut stand offered by far the most delicious donuts I’ve ever had. And there was award-winning clam chowder, walls and walls of tea, piroshky… I mean, need I say more?

And don’t forget the Pike landmark, Post Alley.

IMG_0731Rich in history (and musical beggars, but in the good way), Post Alley deserves a pass through if you ever go to Seattle. Which you should.

We passed the “original” Starbucks (which isn’t actually original, because the real one was torn down) and headed to a Tom Douglas restaurant for crab cakes OMG! If I had to name the crab cakes we ate, I would name them CrabCakesOMG. SO YUMMY! And this was our view:

IMG_0732Now, right now, my little life could change forever. My husband, whom I adore and support in every way, is job hunting. And he has his sights on Seattle. Our mini-adventure really sparked him. I’m all about adventure and trying something new. I would love to have an itty-bitty super expensive apartment in the heart of Seattle just for the fun of it! I could walk to Pike Place every day, maybe get a job or go to school, who knows?

Part of it scares me, and part of it has me way excited. *Sigh* So this is where I get all “religion-y” on you and say: it’s all up to God. He decides, I plop wherever, like a ragdoll. I want to travel everywhere, but I don’t know where I want to live.

I do, however, suppose it could be here.

IMG_0733It is a beautiful place. And fresh fish all the time would not be that bad.


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