Fun with Guns, Princesses, and Aliens!

So first of all, I have a flipping Portal 2 Atlas Portal Gun replica. If I haven’t mentioned it before. But I probably have.

Second, I decided that it would be AWESOME to participate in Star Wars/Sci Fi themed photoshoot this Sunday. The makeup artist and I have played with the idea of making an alien out of me. And that would mean making me look like one and not taking pieces of me and mushing it together to make an alien, in case you got confused. Also, my gun will be joining me.

The timing was perfect, since I recently got inspired by artist Ralph Sevelius and his Disney Princess/Star Wars mashup.

ku-xlargeIt’s like two of my favorite things. I mean, I guess I’m way more of a Disney Princess fan than a Star Wars one, but I can appreciate this. Maybe it’ll help me with my alien personality this weekend.

I love Snow White as an evil Sith.

Also, click the link for the artist. He’s rockin’ awesome.



One thought on “Fun with Guns, Princesses, and Aliens!

  1. This reminds me of my idea for a new twist on an old story: Little Red Riding Sith. I just need an illustrator…

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