An Adventure Awaits

Yay for alliterations! And yes, dear few, possibly one reader(s), an adventure surely does await me in the not-distant-at-all future.

And that adventure is in the setting of Charleston, South Carolina. Which is not bad. But it does make me a completely nervous wreck.

You see, about a week ago, my partner-in-crime and life-trekker (husband) was in an interview with a rather large company in Seattle. And so, realistically, he figured the job for which he’d interviewed would be located in good ol’ Seattle. But noooo, that is not how the big man upstairs works. The big man upstairs likes to say, “Pack up! We’re moving!” And you’re like, “But, but… you live upstairs… you can’t mess with us down here!” And he’s all, “Watch me! And just for saying that, we’re moving to the South!”

At least it’s gorgeous!


Photo from Tumblr

It will be interesting to see how it all turns out for me. On one hand, I’d love to just go somewhere, especially a place I wasn’t even thinking about one week ago! A place with warm weather, right on the beach, lots of great food and beautiful architecture, rich history! And the fact that it’s “the friendliest city in America” does not hurt one bit.

On the other hand, I can’t keep from crying, or making other people cry, because I’ll be at the opposite end of the country! I’m terrified of starting a family there with no support group, having to learn a new culture, not making any friends, and coming home with a twang! (Actually, that last one is just a fact, I will have a southern accent and it cannot be helped.)


Photo from Tumblr

Photo from Tumblr

That!! It’s gorgeous! And I’ll have the love of my life with me. And no commitments. And all the time in the world.

I know I can do it, but it is scary.

Pretty sure I’d be darn petrified without God to guide me. And I’m fairly certain that for some reason He wants me in South Carolina. My work in the Pacific Northwest must be nearly finished. At least for the next few years.

And everyone I know will have a vacation home to come to. Just sayin.


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