And that’s the end of that


I have finally done it you guys! I threw in the towel. I’m done working for the foreseeable future! Granted, it took three weeks for the towel to hit the ground, but hey, it’s done! And I’m so excited.

I, for the first time since I was five-years-old, have zero commitments to any kind of work or school. If the rest of my life qualified as “all the time in the world” well, then that’s what I’ve got! It’s a nice feeling.

It even merited a photoshoot with my new mascot! What should I name her? I have SO MUCH TIME! It feels great!

Clearly I can barely focus.

So, what’s up for me next? I have no clue. I know it involves Charleston, South Carolina. Children FO’ SHO. Writing, obviously. And a pet. I’ve been waiting so long to finally have a pet! I don’t care if it’s a cat or dog or hamster or goat or llama or even not a mammal at all!

The point is: the world is my oyster. HOORAY!!!



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