Hello Charleston!

We’ve officially been in Charleston for two days! Last week we discovered the details of our move. There was one thing that we knew for sure: Jimmy’s start date was June 28th. After hashing out a few details with the background check, we were finally ready to hear from the relocation agency… but the phone calls only confirmed that we’d have to wait a few more business days.Until last Friday, when they actually gave us real information!

So we bought plane tickets, hopped aboard, and flew all the way across the United States to our new home, Charleston South Carolina!


Yesterday we spent a good chunk of the day sleeping, but we were able to hop around to some great spots in the downtown area.


First we went to Martha Lou’s Kitchen! Best soul food ever. I’m pretty sure in the whole world. Lima Beans to die for (and believe me, I don’t say that often), plus the most delicious fried chicken that could possibly exist. (We also ended up on a TV spot for the place!)


Then, me, Betty the duck (that’s her name) and Jimmy went for a stroll in historic downtown. We saw all kinds of great things, such as…

Big Historic Mansions



and Rainbow Row


But mostly, we spent a lot of time together, wondering about what our future would be like in this beautiful city!

See, we’re smiling!


And today we went house hunting! It has been a very exciting couple of days indeed! To think, we could have walked into our future home, and we did enjoy many of the houses we saw. Once we get an offer accepted, I’ll post photos of our new home! (Hopefully that will happen this week!)

Anyway, I really hope you Pacific Northwesterners consider visiting this HOT and BEAUTIFUL city. We’ll have a room for you if you do!


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