House Hunting: Success!

We arrived home yesterday after a long day of flying. But our packed week in Charleston turned out to be a success! We bought our first home (pictured below)!

It’s a beautiful one-story in an immaculate neighborhood that turned out to be under-budget! The walls will need to be painted and the cabinets are pretty dated, but other than that, I’m really happy with what we got! (Especially considering that we only had one week and some of our attempts to offer on other houses were… sketchy? There’s always a reason when something doesn’t quite work out.)

And Betty will be thoroughly enjoying her new home in Charleston.


She’s smiling!

So are we, Betty. So are we.

We did still do a great many tourist-y things while we visited. This included beaches, festivals, food, and lots of cruising downtown.


Also, we visited Mt. Pleasant. Here’s the beautiful bridge that got us there.


And our smiling faces at all the fun festivities during the Sweetgrass Festival.


It was really hot that day!

Our adventures also included lots of time at our hotel, where we struggled with the available printer and mulled over our housing options. It’s a good thing we enjoy each other’s company!


And right when we had the time and means to go back to the beach and enjoy the sunshine, it began pouring down rain. But that’s ok! It gave us lots of time to focus on our new house!


Behold, our humble new home in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina! Come visit us sometime!


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