Southeast vs. Northwest

I had about a week to observe the culture in Charleston, and there were somethings I was certainly expecting would be different from the good ol’ Pacific Northwest.

What I expected

– A slight Southern accent (among a few people, at least)
– Really friendly locals
– Everyone using the phrase “y’all”
– Biscuits and fried chicken

What I did not expect

– Biscuits and fried chicken EVERYWHERE
– People referring to any side food item as a “vegetable” (this would include things like apple sauce and mac & cheese)
– Delicious boiled peanuts
– The actual severity of the humidity
– No public toilet seat covers (but the midwest was like that too… c’mon people!)
– Yards actually decorated with scattered pine needles
– To really love it. A lot.

I figured I would at least like it, but the city really grew on me. The weather will be tough to get used to, but I’ll manage. It’s a new adventure! And it’s the best kind of adventure: God-planned!

Oh, also, nobody on TV can say “Goose Creek” without adding at least nine more o’s. Goooooooooooose Creek!


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