Officially a South Carolinan… Carolinian?

So the weeks went by… rather quickly! We had many stressful adventures in getting here, but now… WE’RE HOME!

Yes that’s right. It was a super early 4:30AM morning on Monday to catch our flight. Me and Betty were forced to enjoy coffee.


Oh the horror!

But after two smooth flights, we arrived in our humid new hometown (and a thousand pounds of luggage)!


I like colorful luggage. Can you tell?

So it’s been a few days, and we still have another week before we get into our house, and Jimmy starts work TOMORROW! Everything is going quite well actually, which I hope you half-a-dozen readers are happy to hear. Jimmy has seen his work facility and met a few people, we’ve played lots of Skyrim in our itty bitty hotel, we’ve been to Folly Beach, and we even have July 4th plans!

This is what we’re doing: Patriot’s Point Fourth of July Blast

And we’ve also been through an exciting storm warning! I had no idea my phone would warn me when dangerous weather was near!

But really, it was just some minor flooding in the other side of the parking lot.


And it’s all dried up now! That’s the good ol’ south at work!

I look forward to sharing my house with you! I even get to have my own personal assistant this summer! My 18-year-old brother is coming to visit for a while and we’re going to paint like the wind! If anyone is feeling like a particularly active blog-reader, you might help me pick a theme for my home! What do you think?

Clean Coastal

Photo from

Photo from

Caribbean Colors

Photo from

Photo from

Light & Neutral

Photo from

Photo from

Let me know in the comments!


4 thoughts on “Officially a South Carolinan… Carolinian?

  1. Moriah–have been following your adventure. It was nice to see you guys for a few minutes, anyway. I will stay tuned Sue summers

  2. Annie says: If you’re going with a white palette, make sure to add fresh pops of color with accent pillows or fresh flowers that you could swap out seasonally. Otherwise, I am a big fan of color, so Caribbean would definitely be fun!
    Julie says: My vote is for Caribbean! 🙂
    Chris/Mom says: Self-admittedly I’m not a decorator, but here is what has helped me choose colors in the past: You and Jimmy pick half a dozen favorites in pints, purchase poster board, double coat them in paint samples, and then hold them up in different locations because light affects colors greatly! Also, if you like a shade but you think it is too dark, the paint store can reduce the pigment by 50% or 75%. Good luck!

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