The Great Move & Fourth of July

Hey y’all! Ok, that was a joke, I haven’t quite got an accent yet, but I have officially become a resident! On July 3rd, 2013 the Kramers moved into their first house! And let me tell you, it is big, beautiful, and empty!

I’ve taken lots of pictures, and even posted a video with a tour of the house! Click here for the video.

And here are some photos!


The cardboard box was the only seating we had! We are currently waiting on some stools for the counter area and we recently bought this beautiful table!


We also had our first Independence Day on the USS Yorktown Aircraft Carrier. Here are some photos of that occasion!

IMG_1174 IMG_1153 IMG_1155 IMG_1175

The weather was beautiful and there was food and a band on deck! I’d definitely recommend it to anyone visiting the Lowcountry during the 4th of July. (For those unaware, “Lowcountry” refers to the Charleston area, since the city is below sea level.)

We do have internet now and we’ll be getting a truck today (hooray!), but we’re still playing the waiting game. I mentioned the table & chairs and the two stools, but we also have a washer and dryer on the way (laundromats are not as fun as I imagined), plus we don’t have any couches or a bed frame or a bookcase or a dresser or a guest bed! So it’ll be empty for a while.

But not forever! Jimmy has FOUR whole paychecks before our first mortgage payment! I say, I do quite enjoy imagining what things will be purchased in the near future… Guest bedroom furniture for sure, and a couch, OH! And a kitten!

Please, please do come visit us! Just not all at once, ok? It’ll be a while before we can afford a hide-a-bed!

By the way, I’m still accepting suggestions for our home theme. Put links to some of your favorite decor items or ideas in the comments!

Happy July!


2 thoughts on “The Great Move & Fourth of July

  1. I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing your pictures, Moriah. Thanks! Little by little, things will come together, but what strikes me is that you and Jimmy seem so happy. You can do without a lot of stuff, but the joy of being together is an “essential” that you are well stocked up on! Love to you and Jimmy, Chris/Mom P.S. Julie was thrilled about the kitten!

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