Our new family members

Yesterday, my sister-in-law came to visit us, which was a joy, and Jimmy had planned to show her a piece of the city, which would have been so great! She is here for a week however, and she and I agreed that we wanted to look at potential kittens to take home.

So that’s what we did!

Our new kittens are Mercury and Neptune.

Mercury is our girl kitty. Her name is inspired by one of my favorite musicians, Freddie Mercury. She is very friendly to people and wants to cuddle and play. She’s very vocal and has a brown tabby pattern.

Neptune is our boy kitty. He is quiet and a little shy at first, but has so much energy and always wants to play! Always! He has a gray tabby pattern. He loves Mercury and wants nothing more than to rough house, but she’s definitely not ready for that yet.

I had a pretty sleepless night, between making sure they were comfortable and keeping them away from each other. It’s a good thing I’m home though, that way they can get attention and supervision all day. Which is tiring, but I’m not upset that my job is to literally play with kittens all day.

I just wish they’d like each other already!



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