The truth about my planetary kittens


Today was a huge progress day. I’m going to be completely honest with this one, but keep in mind that it has a happy ending.

I’ve cried so much this week. It was due partly to lack of sleep, partly to hormones, and partly to a feeling of helplessness. I was unsure about my decision to take in two kittens. One of them was aggressive, the other cranky. I tried to separate them, but he would always attack and she would always cry.

I couldn’t handle the lack of sleep, the dwindling funds, the fact that my kittens couldn’t be in the same room.

I considered giving one of them up, I considered giving both of them up. I didn’t want to deal with all the violence and uncertainty forever. I foolishly took on more than I could handle and selfishly wanted my old life back.

I prayed and cried and lost sleep. Jimmy and I talked, and I considered everything I heard and read. The fighting and vet bill made me want to give up, but the purring and cuddling and playing begged me to reconsider.

I went to the vet today. I hoped that they would say something that could help. Everyone at the vet clinic loved my babies.

And then that thing I was hoping for came. A free sample of a synthetic pheromone designed to calm stressed cats. I used it, and at first nothing happened.

But then I left for a few hours, hoping it would work. And it did!

Neptune seemed so calm, almost doped up. Maybe he was, but the truth is, he would still play, he just respected her growling and his biting was gentle. He’s happy to cuddle. I learned that he’s easily overstimulated and now I know how to deal with it.

And then the relief came. I can enjoy my babies, through thick and thin. They are happy, and can be around each other finally.

As if to reward my faithfulness, God saved them from each other. And they cuddled more than ever!

Thank goodness, because all this cute makes me so full of joy!


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