Mercury & Neptune: BFFs?


My little kitties are starting to like each other. I mean like each other! And it only took a week, though I would have loved more sleep during that week…

I’m learning a lot about my kittens, and each day gets a little easier.

But I will give credit completely to God. This upswing began with my prayers for wisdom and His answer.

Psalms 50:10
“For every beast of the forest is mine…”

That may be out of context technically (since the subject matter is sacrificing animals!) but nonetheless, once I read that, I knew I had to give them over to Him. And guys, God delivers.

What I have now is two loving, friendly, energetic furry babies. Still a lot of work, but they’re happy and enjoy each other finally!

At first, they were still pretty violent, but eating and drinking out of the same bowl and curling up with me when they were both sleepy was huge progress. This meant that they didn’t hate each other, and I was so happy!

I gradually let them be together more. I tried to encourage Mercury to instigate play and discourage Neptune from continuing when she was done. I played rough with them separately to get out energy and teach them how to play together.

I’m also using loudness to stop fighting, which works very well. I clap my hands hard in this echoey house, and they disburse well. It also helps to use when they do other things I don’t like, such as climbing on the dining set or chewing on cords. They avoid those things more, and hopefully eventually will leave that stuff alone.

It wasn’t long before Mercury was stalking and pouncing Neptune and biting back when he got too rough. At one point they were taking turns with the same toy. I was elated!

We did get some more of the synthetic pheromone to calm them. With all of these changes (new house, new furniture, people visiting) it seemed like a good idea.

This morning something great happened. They played with each other so quietly, I didn’t even notice until the paper bag made noises. I think we’re finally there!

They may not be thick as thieves yet, but I think it’s just around the corner!


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