A dent in the progress vehicle

So, first of all, I just want to give you a heads up: the excitement level in my life has seriously died down. My facebook posts have pretty much dwindled down to updates on my cats and pictures I found slightly funny on the internet. This is partly due to my hermit-ness since the bustle of moving stopped and the bank account becoming dangerously slim. What do I do all day? Watch Animal Planet, Pinterest it up, the occasional chore, and cuddle-time with my furry purrers. (That is a tongue-twister!)

But, no longer! Finally, my man got paid! And I even did some work myself. Yep, 9.5 (paid) hours on the job. I was an extra in the TV show Reckless, which is filming in Charleston. It was pretty fun, even though it consisted of four and a half hours of constant (and certainly uncomfortable) sitting, one hour of actual set time (partially in the rain), and five hours standing and waiting for something to happen. But you will definitely see me on TV (more updates on that as I get information).

Also, I wanted to make sure and update you on the house progress. Having a couch, washer/dryer, internet, a second car, tv, and a place to eat has been wonderful! We also have painted two rooms since we moved in. The laundry room was the first, and we did it before we had any furniture. (The colors are included to give you a reference of what it actually looks like.)


Then, just last weekend, we did the master bathroom (which was much needed).


Still, I’m not sold on those new colors for the other rooms yet. I would really like to have a bright, fresh color for the main living space (which is now currently a light gold/yellow and a pastel blue). I feel like the laundry room color is a little colder than I want, and the bathroom is a little darker than I want. But then, everything looks different once it’s painted and dried. I’ll have to take my time with it. Also, I’ll need a really tall ladder. I’m pretty sure these ceilings are 12 feet high!

Painting has been a bit frustrating since the colors were not exactly carefully applied. Much of the pink and mint colors are left behind. I’m certain it will be a good idea to have a lot of white paint to touch up the ceilings and molding.

Anyway, I will definitely update you on any house progress. It’s slow going, but we’ll get there!


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