Things I like on ThinkGeek (gifts are always being accepted)

So, among the sites that I love, one of them is most definitely

The reason is because ThinkGeek has so many items that are thought-provoking and geek-worthy. I have been gifted many things from ThinkGeek, among them are: my portal gun, sinister ear jewelry, a TARDIS mug and teapot, and a flashing d20!

And here are some things that I find superb (the gift thing was a joke… unless Christmas is near…)


TARDIS anything. Actually, Doctor Who anything. From Dalek to Eleven!


Portal anything. Portal is one of my absolute favorite games, so anything having to do with it makes me giddy.


Geek’d out T-Shirts. I mean, all across the board, ThinkGeek has cool T-Shirts & Apparel. They range from fandom to interactive to scientific to funny to cosplay! Not to mention their wicked accessories (I’ll admit that the charm bracelet is tempting).


Ridiculously cool, thought-provoking products, like this fishbowl garden. I mean, that’s rad, right?

Puzzles, collectibles, and games, in creative ways. This tetris magnet game brings me back.

iPhone gizmos, like this mini arcade. This is just one example of many fun and creative concepts for your iPhone or iPad.

Things you never knew you needed. Like this 24-port USB hub, because duh, your computer doesn’t have nearly enough ports. Totally practical.

This retro-gamer-inspired messenger bag that begs to hang from my shoulder.

And to finish it off, I present to you this dice set made out of 100% chocolate. For your inner roleplayer. (Literally!)

But don’t stop there! There’s all kinds of fun food, mad science, unconventional books, decor, posters, and gadgetry to be had!


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