Fun in the Sun (and Sand!)

This last week, we’ve found out that my brother has an end date on his vacation: 2 more weeks! And when we thought about it, we realized we haven’t done very many Charleston things with him!

So, we decided to take initiative and do something! Especially since Jimmy’s first business trip was coming up.

On Friday, we went to Luke’s choice of restaurant: Bushido sushi. Not exactly Southern, but he was dying to try their waiver-worthy spicy tuna! It was pretty tasty, but I was spoiled with Northwest salmon, so that’s all I’m saying.

Then Saturday bright and early, we went to the beach for a few hours. Sullivan’s Island to be exact, and you can see we enjoyed ourselves. The water was wonderful, the day was hot, and the sand was fun. We found ourselves the tiniest crab too! And we brought home some sea shells, so if you visit, you’ll see them decorating the guest bathroom.

And Sunday we met up with some folks to have delicious brunch at Early Bird Cafe, where chicken and waffles rule! Then we headed over to the iconic Angel Oak Tree. It was nothing short of astounding!

This photo is from my phone and hasn’t been edited at all. Gorgeous, right?

And then I had to say goodbye to my husband for 5 days as he headed to our home state on business. One of the things he made me promise to do was… eat. I’m pretty bad about feeding myself these days (I know it’s horrible!) but it’s a good thing Luke is still around, because he made a big pot of jambalaya!

And yes, it was delicious!

I did miss Jimmy on our 3-year marriage anniversary though. Yes, yes, it’s sad, believe me, I know. But I did occupy myself. I did Extra work for the TV show Reckless. Even though they didn’t use me (I still get paid, thankfully) it has been a fun experience and I’ve met some great people!

As for the house, we still haven’t done much since painting the bathroom, but we are looking into Rustoleum cabinet kits, which I think would be a great place to start. Since we don’t have Lucas for much longer, we probably won’t paint the great room until after he leaves. It shouldn’t be a big problem though. It might be good for us to wait until it cools down anyway, so we can keep the windows open.

I’ll update on the kitties soon! If you have Instagram, I frequently capture their adorable moments and post there! My info is found on my “About” page.

Have a super week everyone!


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