Thick as Kittens

So, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve updated on my kittens. Besides the fact that they’ve tripled in size (or so it feels) not much has happened.

Just kidding! They are best friends now!

It took pretty much all of my patience, but it wasn’t long before they actually played like normal kittens. Well, maybe it gets a little rough sometimes, but they can fend for themselves. And I can finally leave them alone for long periods of time without worrying they’ll murder each other. Great, right?

Anyway, they’ve gained quite a bit of weight for kittens. We started them on a mixture of dry and wet food, which they love. Jimmy would like to toilet train them, which is ambitious, but they aren’t too small anymore, so we’ll see. They have some sharp claws, which sucks for our couch, but I’d rather have a scratch or two on the sofa than get rid of them. They are just so dang cute!

And they sleep a lot.

A lot. I guess kittens can sleep upwards of 16 hours a day. That equals out to a lot of cuddling.

And a lot of energy. If you keep up on my Instagram (which is admittedly 70% kittens) you could see a video of what I mean. It usually manifests in the early morning and late at night. So yeah, sleeping for this momma has been interesting. Not hard, but different.

But I get a lot of joy out of hearing them purr and all that cuddling, even the occasional TV watching.

The point is, I can tell they’re happy, and hopefully the vet will give them a clean bill of health next week.

In other similar news, I’ve joined the volunteer team at the Charleston Animal Society! I guess there have been a lot of kittens coming in, so I’ll get to deal with them, which, believe it or not, is very exciting for me! Anyone who’s ever gotten a kitten knows that you have about a week to enjoy their smallness, and besides, I’m experienced now. It’ll also give me an opportunity to work with more animals of all ages and species, and I feel like I’ll get a lot of enjoyment out of it.

Well, that’s all for now. Have a super period of time it takes until you read my next blog!


One thought on “Thick as Kittens

  1. This makes me so happy and sad! Happy because I am so glad that they are finally friends, and sad that they are growing up and I can only see them through pictures! I’m mostly happy though 🙂

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