Why Teenagers Are Annoying

I’m not going to be rude about it. The use of the word “annoying” is not meant to be rude, it’s meant to be factual. Teens, I’m not here to tell you how to act, unless you want to appear more mature to your adult counterparts, but really, you don’t have to. Teenagers being “annoying” is really quite normal. Most of us have been there, so we don’t blame you. Much.

Reason #1: You’re loud
I was like this. It was more fulfilling to shout things and “wooooo!!” at every possible opportunity. I enjoyed laughing, and frankly, I didn’t care that older people found it irritating. I wanted to be funny more than I wanted to be mature, and sometimes, that only benefited me.
Why this is annoying?
Because you don’t have to be loud. Not all the time. Hollering like I see a lot of teenagers do is usually meant for sporting events, concerts, and the Jerry Springer show. And it’s way more annoying if adults do it, like Frat Boys for example. We all just hope you get it out of your system before you’re doomed to become a “woo girl.”

Reason #2: You think life is hard
Now, there are definitely teenagers and kids who’ve had hard lives, I am not arguing that. And I remember how I felt when I was 16 and things just weren’t going my way. I’m certainly not saying life is easy, but a lot of young adults have this idea that they are the only ones who understand how hard their lives are, and that there is no end in sight for their misery.
Why is this annoying?
Because, usually, it’s not true! Teenagers, life is not hard until you spend 12 hours in one day doing something you don’t want to do for minimum wage, or find out that you don’t have enough money to pay your bills, or realize that you can’t actually rely on anything. Most of you have loving parents who do their best to take the weight of the world off of you, and even though you should appreciate that now, you don’t because you want more independence. If you really know how hard life can be, you should also know that other people have dealt with it too, and that hard times pass.

Reason #3: You play dumb
“They’re just teenagers.” Ever heard that before? When young people get in trouble, this idea that you’re too dumb to make good decisions comes from all corners, even from the youthful culprits themselves! People will always use age as an excuse, because life experience somehow changes a person’s perspective of decision-making. But that’s not always true. Dumb adults do exist.
Why is this annoying?
Age doesn’t really matter all that much! I was always frustrated when I heard that phrase because I knew I had the power to make good decisions. I hated that other kids pulled the age card, because they knew better! Sometimes, there are things that change your mind about life, but you could have realized those things before, you were just too busy pretending to be dumb and trying to get away with stuff to realize them. You want to be mature? Observe, deduce, and act accordingly.

Reason #4: You’re fake
This is not exclusive to teenagers, but it seems to be highly concentrated among them. When most people like something, you also like it. When most people hate something, you also hate it. Be it media, clothes, trendy beverages, whatever, it is in the opinion of 90% of everyone that it’s awesome! Even if you’re not that into it, you make yourself like it for the sake of your friends, because how could you not know the lyrics to every song at prom?
Why is this annoying?
You are not your friends. You are not everyone else. Some of you have figured this out, but liking all the same things is not cool, it’s just fake. I was like this in many ways. I also wore fuzzy ears to presentations and rocked out to 80’s music. Being individual and having your own opinions will get you farther in life, even if you are the only person who likes you better. Chances are that other people like the same stuff, even though most of the population doesn’t. But there isn’t anything wrong with that!

Reason #5: You have a distorted view of time
Dare I even bring up “YOLO?” Teenagers are often told by adults that they have “plenty of time.” Well, maybe it’s the adults’ fault then, because what you should really be hearing is “life is short.” If people tell you YOLO but don’t tell you that you shouldn’t waste your years, then of course you’ll make bad choices! You’ve been given a distorted view of time.
Why is this annoying?
Life is actually really, really short. Even if you make it to 100, it goes by in a flash. I’m only 22, but seriously, I feel like I started high school last week and graduated yesterday. And now I’m a married homeowner and future mother. Tomorrow I’ll be sending my kids to college. Don’t think that you can’t be successful until after school or your 18th birthday. Life is now, make the most of it! Only little kids should have a distorted view of time. You? You should know by now.

To conclude, I honestly feel that everyone has the potential to be their best, which is why I believe most adults find teenagers annoying: you aren’t utilizing your potential! Be young and do all the things I’ve listed because it’s totally normal, but for goodness sake, don’t lose yourself before you reach 20! And if you aren’t these things, or choose not to be like this, that’s good too. Just be yourself, really, that’s what the world wants.

And don’t forget to take this with a grain of salt. It’s not meant to be 100% serious, ok?


2 thoughts on “Why Teenagers Are Annoying

  1. I think this has to be one of the few posts out there that summarize the negative side of today’s teenagers so completely.

    In my opinion, most of it comes down to plain and simple entitlement – today’s teens have much more than past generations and get it a lot earlier. Most don’t seem to appreciate that there’s actually so much that goes on behind the scenes of their lives: from the parents that have to constantly put their childrens’ needs before their own to the teacher that tries to impart some sort of lesson regardless of how their own day is going.

    Very well done, great article!

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