Movie Monday: Life as we know it

I’m considering doing a series where I do movie reviews of whatever movie I feel inclined to watch. Since I have so much time on my hands (right now, no promises after baby Kramer comes), I might like to kick a few of my Netflix… flicks… off of my instant queue.

I’d like to point out, as I’m sure I will before each of my Movie Monday reviews, that I do intend to spoil the ending by, well, talking about it. But if you don’t want to know the ending, you can pay attention to my spoiler-free review right before my full-blown, honest take on whatever film I watched.

Spoiler-free Review

Life As We Know It stars Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel. The movie is a romantic comedy centered around two people who have mutual friends who name them guardians of their baby daughter after they tragically and suddenly die. I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect much from this movie, and my expectations were met. I like Katherine Heigl (for some reason), but she is a little bit of a one-trick pony, and Josh Duhamel is average on every level except for maybe his Hollister-model looks. In all, this movie is not worth the time. Let’s just say the following picture pretty much encompasses my attachment to this film.


Full-Blown Review, Spoilers Ahead

The movie starts with a terrible, horrible date between the main characters, Holly and Messer, which made me glad that I missed the first four minutes. It’s clear these two are supposed to hate each other. But, in a romantic comedy, I love two people who can’t stand each other but end up falling in love anyway. But, unfortunately, it was not well-executed. At all.

The tragic happens when the main characters, who are both best friends to a couple with a 1-year-old daughter, discover that their friends have died in a car accident. I was really sad for them. I wanted this movie to tear me apart, and then lift my spirits. But, the comedy starts about two minutes after the tragedy, when Holly and Messer realize that they are both named guardians over the baby, Sophia. This was off-putting, because the light humor was so unwelcome after the death of two obviously loved friends.

So, after some shenanigans, they decide to tough it out with each other for the sake of the little girl. Messer and Holly are both ambitious in their careers and have rocky love lives. So juggling a baby and big new house is a lot to add. And then a lady from Social Services comes to make sure their both fit to be parents. It’s not really that difficult to prove you’re a good parent when you are a good parent, but somehow the movie seems to suggest that a glass of wine is horrible parenting. It’s just NOT FUNNY.

Even through annoying neighbors and the chaos of parenting, Messer and Holly get their love lives a little on track and manage their careers just fine. Until one fateful night, when they decide to have dinner alone and for some reason decide they’re in love with each other. Not officially a couple, but still apparently happy to get a long and mess around all of the sudden, they have a bout with “special brownies.” And, you guessed it, Social Services lady makes an appearance. Dare I say again, it’s just NOT FUNNY. It’s annoying. Heigl and Duhamel may be good-looking and not terrible at acting, but there is so, so much to be desired.

The predictable and unsatisfying ending begins when Messer gets a promotion and has to move, creating tension between the not-really-lovebirds and setting us up for an eventual and overused airport scene. Maybe they thought that if she didn’t catch him they were being unique, but no. The anti-climactic reunion was super forced and not believable. But, hey, at least the baby was cute.

To conclude, this was a very lame movie, even for romantic comedy standards. I’ve seen worse, but not really a whole lot worse. The so-called “romance” was nearly non-existent, and the entire move hinged on that, so it fell completely flat. But, it’s a time-waster, and if you like Katherine Heigl (for some reason), you could probably stand to watch it.


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