Kitten Update: 6 months old

I realize I haven’t talked about my cat-related experience for quite some time. Upon noticing that my last cat related blog was about my volunteer work at the Charleston Animal Society, I figured its probably time to update a few details. Such as: I haven’t been volunteering since I found out I was pregnant, which was about 6 weeks ago.

I thought I could handle going in fewer times per week, but once the morning sickness and whacked-out sense of smell kicked in, I realized that I couldn’t even go into that room without potentially spending the entire time hovered over the trash can. So I talked with my kitten coach and said it just wasn’t possible until I felt better.

So it was only my two kitties that I needed to worry about. Phew! But I couldn’t stand the smell of their food, and pregnant women are supposed to avoid litter at all costs. So, of course, Jimmy took on those things, and all I’ve had to worry about since was cuddling and playing. Such a hard life I tell ya!

But, there have been a few things worth mentioning.

If you want to watch them grow up, I highly recommend you follow my Instagram (username: momiscellany). I spend all day with these nuisances, and I get a lot of photographic evidence.

One interesting thing that developed was Neptune’s dog-like behavior. He greets us at the door, begs for food, loves having his belly rubbed, and plays legit fetch. We have video proof. He also refuses to wear his collar these days. Mercury really loves the toilet room for some reason, and pets me with her tail (at least, I’m pretty sure that’s what she’s doing). She’s weird, but lovable.

And the cats are really feeling at home with each other. They get a lot of their energy out with one another, which is AWESOME. They don’t act out much because of it, and they frequently bathe each other, which is pretty adorable for kittens.

Also, we decided to try toilet training. It was going great (except that litter is a huge and disgusting mess) until we actually had to change from a litter box to a toilet insert. Surprisingly, Neptune was all for it! Mercury is definitely smarter, but not nearly as compliant. So we ran into a problem if the litter box had been used and not cleaned before the inevitable happened.

Sigh. What I wanted to do was to make lives easier for everyone (cats included!) but with my mom coming to visit soon and this process being nowhere near completed, we decided that it would be better to go back to a litter box. We can always try again later.

What we did do was get a massive box (very tall and roomy), to lessen the litter mess and go down to one box. The good thing about toilet training is that I’m pretty sure both of our cats now know how to hold it, meaning that we shouldn’t expect many accidents from only having one available box.

The important thing is that they (and we) are happy. We take care of their needs, they cuddle and do stupidly hilarious things that make us laugh. And that’s worth it.

One thought on “Kitten Update: 6 months old

  1. Hi Moriah,
    I am getting your blog via email now, which is nice to be able to stay in touch earlier. I just have a tiny suggestion: when we had cats, we had a litter box with a removable “hood’ over it (think “litter cave”) and there was hardly any mess at all! Love you, Chris

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