Not really a movie and also not really Monday

So, Monday was a bit busy for me. It started out with me being awoken by horrible back pain at 3:45 AM. Once I got up, I was overcome with nausea. So I threw up for the first time since I got a hold of those miracle anti-nausea pills. Since I was running low on them, I decided to not take one and eat a banana instead, along with some painkillers for my back. Bad choice. One hour later, I threw up again, but my back did feel quite a bit better! So, pill it was. That’s how my Monday started.

Up until now, I have been busier than usual, and pregnancy brain (aka extreme forgetfulness) has made it almost impossible to do the things I really want to do, because, well, I forget to do them.

So here we are.

The Paradise airs on PBS

The Paradise airs on PBS

I did watch the second installment of a new series on Masterpiece Classic called The Paradise. Like the title indicates, it’s not really a movie, but it’s also not Monday. Here’s my review on this new show so far. I will only do the “spoiler-free” review because there really isn’t a lot to spoil quite yet!

Spoiler-free Review

Since The Paradise is fairly new, it’s important to anyone who’ll consider watching it (which I would recommend!) to know what it’s about and why it’s very promising. You will like The Paradise if you like Downton Abbey or Pride and Prejudice. The show is set in Britain’s first ever department store, named The Paradise. The name is fitting when you see the primary character, Denise’s reaction to the store windows, which display gorgeous gowns in various materials, colors and patterns. It is run by the charismatic John Moray, whose connections with the local upper class not only help bring in customers, but also help bring in investment money to expand his business.

Now Denise is fairly new in town. She’s come to work for her uncle, but business has been bad so he can’t afford to hire her. Thus, she applies for a position at The Paradise in their women’s department. The store itself is bustling with customers and employees, and seems to be bursting with merchandise, from gloves to shoes to crystal and china. The name lends itself well to the experience, or at least, the customer experience. Once Denise is hired, she proves her worth by utilizing her selling skills and sharing her innovative ideas, which sets the stage for the series.

If you enjoy period pieces and a well rounded story, you should just watch all that Masterpiece Classic has to offer. With regard to The Paradise, there is a gentleness to it, but also an intrigue. The department store setting is beautiful and offers much opportunity to the story. The characters are just likable enough, and certainly not flawless, which is to say that they are written very well. Perhaps it’s not up your abbey… oops! I mean, alley. But it seems to me to be very worth watching.


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