Familiar Faces in Charleston

So last week, my mom and dote (which a German word for “godmother,” though she is also my aunt) flew the dreaded Red Eye to get here and see us! After some much-needed sleepy time, me, my mom, and Dote drove up to Myrtle Beach for a three-day christian conference. There were some very good speakers, and I definitely think that it was worthwhile. Myrtle Beach was beautiful! The weather felt just like home (which was probably not super fantastic for my visitors, but I sure was happy to have a cold day)!

It was really nice to have some family here, since it’s been a while since my brother took off back home.

Dote & Me - Myrtle Beach

Dote & Me – Myrtle Beach

Me & Mom - Mellow Mushroom

Me & Mom – Mellow Mushroom


But we did a lot of fun things! Let me list them for you:

Folly Beach
Charleston Tea Plantation (the only one in America!)
Myrtle Beach
Georgetown (where we discovered there had been a major fire a few weeks prior!)
A fancy Downtown Charleston tour provided by Jimmy
Consignment store shopping (where it seems we all found incredible deals!)

We also ate at some notable favorite restaurants:

Taco Boy – super great tacos and mexican food. Apparently they have a super kimchee taco!
Bear E Patch – good breakfast and lunch, fantastic cinnamon rolls
Cheeseburger In Paradise – tiki themed burger place, the last time I went there I was in Maui!
Mellow Mushroom – fabulous, unique pizza, reminds me of Portland
Toast – brunch and bottomless mimosas (which I did not drink, of course)
Kaminsky’s – the best dessert in town (no, not an exaggeration)

If anyone else comes to visit, this itinerary was very satisfying!

Beyond the adventuring, we did a lot of catching up. They got to meet my kitties, and realize that, no, I am not a crazy cat lady, my cats truly are just unique in their ways. Neptune was, of course, his dog-like friendly self, and Mercury was terrified out of her wits for most of the week. What can I say?

And of course we’re all excited for the baby! My belly is growing every day, and I just can’t wait to feel those kicks (which I’m sure I’ll soon wish I could no longer feel)! Prayers for me, baby, and family would be greatly appreciated as we continue on in the journey of life!

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