A Bad Cook Cooks

So, for those of you who don’t know me very well, here’s the low-down.
1. I have been married for 3+ years, and have a baby on the way.
2. I loooove food, especially good quality, homemade food.
3. I hate cooking. I have been known to bake apple pie or make a casserole. But seriously, I don’t even like microwaving or toasting anything. I hate to chop things. Or mix them together.

But I sure do love being served! Luckily, I have a wonderful husband who enjoys cooking and is very good at it.

As far as my cooking goes, I just don’t even attempt it. I think this whole thing probably starts with fear. Cooking takes a lot of practice. I am the type of individual that needs to practice things more than others in order to feel like I’ve achieved a solid “passing” score. And then, I have to make sure I time everything right so that it all gets done around the same time. I make that effort once a year, for thanksgiving, when I bake my apple pie. All other times of the year: nope! I’m afraid of it. I can be a great helper, but cooking a meal on my own is something of which I am quite wary.

But in reality, it also probably has a lot to do with motivation. Like anyone, I am highly motivated by things I want to do, and not motivated to do things that I don’t enjoy doing. I also have tiny, child hands, and so cooking, along with piano, gives me trouble.


Today I actually made a decent meal! Using the slow cooker, which is a good start. I chopped up an onion, carrots, celery and potatoes! My hands were sore (and my eyes teary), and I had a rough time with peeling (I almost cried because I did almost all of my peeling with a horrible knife before I found our peeler). Tossed everything in, and viola, here I am! A survivor.

I felt so happy, I even cleaned up the kitchen and looked at my Betty Crocker cookbook for sweets recipes. I did, however, forget to eat…

Pregnancy brain, I tell ya!

So, perhaps I didn’t conquer my fear today, but I feel like I have started to. Who knows? Maybe I’ll start a separate blog about my journeys learning to cook for my family! (But probably not.)


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