Excitement trumps Sleep

So, I realize that this major excitement I’m feeling can be something at which every mother ever can probably roll her eyes.

But, oh my word, is there anything more exciting than feeling the first kick? Like, I can’t remember wanting to jump up and down this much since… well, since I found out I was pregnant! As I write these words, I feel the active tumbling and very present kicking of my very first child. It’s positively surreal, like up until now, all I had was a bunch of ideas, some symptoms and an image or two on a screen. But this is evidence that, yes, there is a separate human person living in there!

I have been feeling flutters, but a few minutes ago I held my hand to my tummy and felt a strong kick! Not butterflies, but an appendage poking out at me. And then another and another. I was actually tired before this, but how can I sleep now?

And to add to it, the baby kicked for Jimmy too. Like, “hey mommy, hey daddy!” I feel like this activity is my very first insight into the personality of my kid, and I only have more to come. But really, this is God blessing me. Truly. He knows me, and He knows how excited I am to feel my baby, and so He went ahead and let this happen nice and early.

God is good. All glory to Him!

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