Naming the Little One

So, it’s already been decided: We are planning to find out the gender!

I thought it would be cool to do something for the gender reveal. That’s a pretty popular thing these days. People throw parties, make cakes, what have you. At first, I thought we should wait until Christmas, because of family living so far and such. Then I thought, “Hey! We should have the answer around Thanksgiving! Why don’t we reveal it during that holiday?” I figured we would have it figured out before, and, well, Thanksgiving is a very special holiday for my family (it’s the day Jimmy proposed to me).

But, the doc said I would have to come in after Thanksgiving. Bummer. So, still I could decide I want to do something special! But, then again, Jimmy and I both have travel plans within one week, and the day we find out, which is December 2nd, is the only day Jimmy will be off early enough for us to have time to go make a baby registry.

Finally, I decided finding out when we find out will be just as special as any other planned moment. Perhaps when we live closer to our families we can decide we want to wait to find out what it is. Or at least when we have some baby clothes lying around already!

Now, however, the dilemma is figuring out what the potential names are. I find that boy names are trickier for me, because I like soft sounding names, but I also want a boy’s name to be a good, strong one. Jimmy says girl names are harder for him, because he likes strong names, especially biblical ones, and apparently a lot of Scandinavian ones too, though I’m not really in that boat.

Actually, my list right now contains 15 girl names and 7 boy names. I guess I’ve got this feeling that we’re having a girl. Old wives tales point to it, and my dreams do, but my go-to phrase is “Only time will tell.” And, I know I’m not going to be disappointed. I am sure we’ll find the right name. I’ve been looking at meanings, imagining myself saying this name every day, picturing my child as a baby and as an adult, and so on. I try not to worry too much about potential for other kids to make fun, because in the end, that’s just one stage of life, and even if that does come up, it’s an opportunity for me as a parent to teach my child how to handle bullies. I also try not worry about people that might share the name, because the name I give my baby will belong to my baby for the rest of my life.

One thing I am a bit torn on right now is whether or not I plan to tell anyone what the name will be before the baby gets here. I find that everyone has an opinion about whatever name you pick. Sometimes they tell you, sometimes they don’t, but you can pretty much count on the fact that if they say anything besides a resounding “It’s perfect!!” then you can’t really trust that they like it. But, if I wait until the baby is here, and everyone will have to refer to him or her by the name they’ve been given, we can pretty much skip that judgement phase. Like I said, once a name is given, it belongs to the baby. People will eventually stop thinking about the name as a temporary idea, and start to put permanency on its relation to the human being that is now here!

Although, I could also bite the bullet and just say: We’ve decided on a name! Here it is! That’s the name, we’re not changing it unless we want to! I mean, I guess I would value my son or daughter taking ownership of their name, so it would probably be a good thing to take ownership of it first. Lead by example and such. But still, the element of surprise and anticipation is somewhat exciting. Who knows? We might not decide on a name until we take a look at our baby and go: “Welp! The name’s gotta fit, and the one we picked just isn’t it!”

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!


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