Thanksgiving 2013

Happy Thanksgiving! It’s always one of my favorite holidays, for a few reasons: my apple pie (amazing recipe here), Jimmy’s turkey and green bean casserole from scratch, great company, full bellies, and not to mention it was the day some 4 years ago Jimmy proposed to me! I feel like I’ve never been unhappy on Thanksgiving (even when I had dental work one year and a sore throat the next, oy)!

Also, this Thanksgiving, I’m nearly halfway through my first pregnancy! 19 weeks and counting…

So here’s a little recap of how it went, if you were interested.

Jimmy and I decided that we would like to host any Boeing stragglers who might not have plans for the holiday. I figured that a lot of them, like us, have moved away from family and don’t really have a place to go. So why not offer up our home and set up some paper plates?

I suppose there wasn’t any way for us to know what we were getting into. We had two people confirmed before Monday, and then a wave of confirmations came flooding in after a good wife told her husband to email everyone he’d invited, just to be sure. That day, we had 13 people planning to come!

I can’t explain why I was overcome with joy and not stress. I must just be in a “more the merrier” mindset for this season. I supposed I’ve always felt that way about all get-togethers!

By Wednesday, the number rose to a total of 16 people (including us), but Jimmy told everyone the invitation was open to whoever, friends and significant others alike!

Well, we had a lot of food, too few seats (thank goodness for the couch!), and a lot of great people come to spend Thanksgiving at our house. Thank goodness we cleaned as we went, because there were also a lot of dishes, even with plastic cups and utensils and paper plates going straight to the trash can. But we had an over abundance of food and drink, thankfully!

I am so very proud of Jimmy’s dedication not just to a great gathering, but to his work and to me. It was clear that he is well-liked among his coworkers, and that above everything else, he wanted to make me happy by agreeing to open our home to as many people as it could hold!

Also, I’m very proud of his turkey! It was wonderful.

When we finally got to bed, we tallied up the total headcount: 18! I mean, a large affair is very much our comfort zone, but I was not expecting that. No complaints, however, it was a joyous occasion.

On a slightly different note, I am thoroughly excited for Monday. We are going to find out the sex of our baby! I still think it’s a girl, but no matter what, this child belongs to God. He told me that two months ago. There’s a part of me that would have always felt this kid is God’s, but when He told me, there was peace in knowing for certain that, yes, my baby will do God’s work. No matter what gender or circumstance. It’s brings me to tears to think about this promise (though, you know, hormones have something to do with that).

And though I couldn’t be with my family (and their undoubted belly-rubbing tendencies) I was grateful for the gracious offerings of food and service we got from people who haven’t even known our names for half a year.

So it’s official! Christmastime is here! We’ve already prepared our Christmas decorations:

Happy Holidays all! I’m sure my next blog will be filled with cheer!


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