Mom Instincts Win This One

There’s my precious baby! And for those of you still wondering… IT’S A GIRL!

A beautiful, healthy baby girl. 10 fingers, 10 toes! We are very happy. And I have to say, I knew it!

There was a point early on when I had no clue what to expect of the gender, but I knew I wanted a little girl at some point. Ribbons, lace, princesses! My mom always said that, as a mother of two daughters, she got to relive her childhood through us. But she also had two sons, and that’s just as fun, but very different. All I know is that this baby is already loved, and it never mattered that it was a girl or boy.

But after a few weeks, I started to have a feeling. It wasn’t a sure feeling, but I was leaning towards a girl. All the old wives tales pointed favorably to a girl, but that wouldn’t have convinced me. I’ve been pretty good at predicting genders in the last few years, and something to me said “girl,” and I would have happily been wrong. However, I am happily right!

Now, I can refer to my baby as “her” and “she,” which is so very sweet!

The ultrasound was an interesting experience. I was there for 2 hours because I agreed to help a student with her final. Extra time with baby! The tech could understand more than me, obviously, but the hands and feet, the profile, the movements, it was all special. We had trouble with the gender at first because it was right near my belly button, which casts a sound shadow on the image. But with two complete ultrasounds, we left very certain knowing we’re having a daughter. For the purposes of record keeping, there were a few issues she found, but nothing that was abnormal for the stage of pregnancy and wouldn’t likely figure itself out. The baby has a cyst in her brain, usually goes away on its own. Also, she has large kidneys, but they are still in the normal range. And I have what’s called placenta previa, which means my placenta is a little too close to my cervix. This also commonly is resolved later in the pregnancy. It doesn’t stop me from worrying, but that’s the mommy thing to do, right?

Anyway, with a healthy baby, I am filled with joy! The little girl is hopping around a bunch, and I guess I just feel that much closer to her. I’m excited to meet her, and see what she’s like. What makes her like mommy and what makes her like daddy? I know this has happened billions of times over, but I feel like it makes me special and her special.

God really made this whole process beautiful and wonderful, but as common as any person. What an incredible thing, that we come into the world this way.

Anyway, my next order of business is to ponder names! We have a few that we like, but I’m having major trouble settling. I want her name to belong to her, so I wouldn’t want something super popular, but I also don’t want a name that’s too unique as to make her have to explain it every time! And it has to mean something special, maybe even have historical significance. And it has to sound right, of course. And don’t forget to consider her initials, and the famous people that might share her name.

It’s a lot!

But no matter what name we pick, it will be hers, and soon enough, all those who love her will feel that way.

I can’t wait!


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