My Little Girl’s Name + Trip to Washington

So, many of you who read this blog have already been informed of the beautiful name we picked for our daughter.

I’ll say, it wasn’t easy to narrow it down. We actually did a bracket, like for sports teams! But, in the end, we settled on the name Evangeline or Eve for short. And even though we had an unconventional way of choosing, I feel like this name was picked for her by God. It means “Messenger of the Good News.” And since I know she will belong to Him, my heart is filled with joy and peace at such a name.

The middle name is a different story! We’re still not sure what to choose. Family name, pretty name, another meaningful name, nature-inspired name, what should we do? But, Evangeline is definitely her first name.

This past week I spent in the good ol’ Pacific Northwest making sure to see as many of my family and friends as I could.

I wish I had enough time to see everyone, and I would have stayed longer if I could have, but we have other Christmas plans, and a week away from my loving husband is more than enough for me.

The first day I flew in, caught up with family and relaxed from the exhausting plane ride. The next day I spent mostly in Seattle walking around and meeting up with Jimmy, who was on a business trip there. Thursday and Friday was mainly catching up with people and shower planning, and Saturday was the shower.

I really can’t thank my family enough for all of the love they gave me and Little Evie while I stayed. And to everyone else who managed to give me a hug (or who at least wanted to!), I am extremely grateful. I got to see most people at my baby shower on Saturday. Michelle took a few wonderful pictures that I couldn’t love more! Here’s one of me and my surprisingly large belly!


For 21 weeks, Evangeline sure is taking up some serious room! She is measuring right on track, but my belly measures about 6 weeks ahead! Yikes! Hopefully that doesn’t mean the late part of the third trimester is too difficult! Also, note the baby shower tree! My mom wanted to do something different this year, so it was girly and funky in a good way! (I used the word “funky” to describe it, and Mom thought I was insulting it! Nay! I meant it in the most positive way!)

Also, I got a picture with the siblings. I can hardly believe we’re all grown up!


(Sorry about the red eye! Although, we’re pretty good-looking regardless.)

And since it’s just too adorable, I suppose I can share a gift I got. This one I didn’t actually receive at the shower, and though every outfit is cute enough to share, this is the only one I managed to get a picture of.


This one is from my best friend’s mom (thank you Jodie!) and all the other stuff is seriously just as “awwww”-worthy! If I received a gift from you at my shower or otherwise, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Eve is evidently already well-loved!

The next day consisted of walking around NW 23rd Ave in Portland. I was so glad to get me some Salt & Straw ice cream while I was in town. Oh boy! Cannot complain about the delicious Olive Oil ice cream (I know! But it’s just so yummy…) and getting to spend the day with my mom and sister. Sigh… I wish I didn’t live so far, it’s hard to be away from them.

Then Monday was mostly spent packing (which was a real feat, let me tell ya) and it ended at Zoo Lights, put on by the Oregon Zoo. It was incredibly fun and beautiful, and I am so, so glad I went, even though I had to fly the next morning. I got to see some friends, and I thought it was really fun to have Michelle’s 2-year-old, Isaiah, to keep us on our toes!


Me with my sister, Sophie


Just one display at Oregon Zoo Lights

Me with Isaiah, being silly

Me being silly with Isaiah


Me with Jalen and Sophie

I am so happy I made the decision to go back home before 2014. Next year is going to be crazy, and most everyone I saw won’t see me again until I’m a brand new mommy! Gosh, I can’t wait!

In other news, a little progress on my pregnancy (besides the shower and name), my girl has gotten a LOT more active. I almost thought something was wrong because she was kicking and rolling so much, but I guess this is normal for week 21. Also, whyyyyy did no one tell me about round ligament pain?! It hurts! But I guess my consolation prize for all this will be worth it! 😉

If I don’t talk/blog/update you before then, have a super Christmas and New Year!


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