First Glance At My Daughter in 2014

As I write this, little Evie is kicking. She’s pretty active these days. She loves to float around, and punch and kick (and get me right in the bladder, thank you very much). I’m so grateful for it! It’s an amazing feeling (except for maybe the bladder part). Today I was able to see her on another ultrasound. She’s so much bigger, and she was a little fussball! I have this feeling she’ll be a little bit of a handful. 😉

Before I get to updating on how my ultrasound went today, there is a little backstory.

The day ahead of leaving for my trip to Washington, I went into my OB’s office just to make sure I was safe to fly. If you read about my last ultrasound, you might remember that Evangeline showed a few things on her ultrasound, and one of those things was a choroid plexus cyst. The ultrasound tech didn’t seem to think it was too big of a deal. So during the appointment, I was supposed to see my regular doctor, with whom I get along really well. But he was busy, because, you know, babies gotta get born! So instead, I saw a different doctor.

This doctor was very wordy when explaining things. He took a look at my ultrasound and said something to the effect of, “Well, with a choroid plexus cyst, the concern is Down Syndrome.”

My heart dropped. That was the moment I became a parent.

He went on to explain something about how it’s not really related, like if you have blue eyes you are probably caucasian, but it’s not really related, but it was more confusing than helpful. He also talked about what Down Syndrome is, and even though I knew a little bit, I couldn’t tell if he was saying it because he thought that she had it or not. He suggested we see a genetic counselor right away, so we could get more information on Down Syndrome.

Needless to say, I had a horrible rest of the day. By the grace of God, however, Jimmy’s flight for that morning was cancelled, so he was with me until around 3pm. Jimmy looked up some statistics, which were more promising than the doctor had been. I gave it some rest and let Jimmy tell me what he found out on the internet. Turns out that an isolated choroid plexus cyst does not indicate really anything at all. Maybe there is a slightly higher risk that something could be abnormal, but she was healthy otherwise. More than that, though, I just felt like everything was fine. I mean, gut feelings aren’t exactly science, but they are important, and it put me at ease.

Also, Eve belongs to God. Disability or not, I know she is safe. That gave me more peace than anything.

Basically, I forgot about it. I paid attention to the sweet movements, talked to her, sang to her, let our families feel her under my belly. And that takes us to today.

Today I had an appointment to see a genetic counselor, but right before that, I was set to get another ultrasound. This ultrasound was similar to the ones I got 5 weeks ago, but Evangeline has grown a lot. She’s a squirmer too! But they took a look at everything that needed to be seen.

And she’s perfect! The cyst is completely gone, and everything else is beautiful and normal. I could cry. I could cry because my baby, according to the most recent information, is healthy, and that is an answer to prayer. In fact, I didn’t even have to sit down with a genetic counselor.

God truly listens. My heart is full. I am thoroughly excited to bring her into this world.


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