It’s Fingers Day (kind of!)

24 WEEKS_10

Profile of Evangeline at 24 weeks

So, today is not only Valentine’s Day (can you see the pink & red?) but it also is the day I reach 30 weeks in my pregnancy! Which is crazy…

I can barely believe I reached my third trimester already, and now, it’s fingers day! What is fingers day, you ask? Well, it’s simple: the day where you can count on your fingers how many days are left until the event you’re anticipating arrives! Although, it’s more like fingers week, since I truly hope my little girl doesn’t pop out ten days from now. But there are only 10 more Fridays before my due date. Holy crap.

I’d like to give you a tiny update on how things are progressing. So, of course, baby seems perfect. My weight and her weight are on track as far as I know. I had an Rh shot recently, which is basically a shot they give you when mom has a negative blood type and dad has positive, which is the case with us. My doctor told me to go get my blood glucose levels tested. Boy, if you’ve ever had to have that drink, you know what I mean when I say “Blech!” It’s like concentrated sprite, with no carbonation and no flavor besides sweet. Unless you’re under the age of 10, you would probably have a bad time finishing the small amount they give you.

Turns out I “failed” that first one. I’m not certain what constitutes that, but it meant that I had to go back after fasting, have another one of those fantastic drinks, and be poked once an hour for 3 hours. Meh. Luckily, Jimmy took a tiny bit of time off to be with me, so it wasn’t so horrible. I then found out that gestational diabetes has occurred in my family’s past, so here’s to hoping that I can break the cycle! Although, gestational diabetes is very different from the other types of diabetes, in that it is pretty manageable and goes away after delivery. Besides, usually these women have large bellies, and that’s not really the case with me. I guess we’ll see!

On a lighter note, I took the time today to actually look at the ultrasound pictures from my 24 week session. I had a few printed out, but I saved a couple of the cute ones on my computer. I looked at her little face, the button nose and baby chin. Is she going to look like me? Or will she have daddy’s features? I am so excited to see!

My word, I know that pregnancy is as common as, well, every person ever, but I am still surprised at how amazing everything about it is. It only takes 9 months for a person to grow from two itty bitty cells into a newborn infant. Sometimes not even that long. And they are their own person. Evangeline is squirmy and delightful. She gets shy (or maybe curious) when people feel my belly, but sometimes she likes to punch and kick things that touch her from the outside. And she certainly doesn’t care how her movements make me feel! Though, I realize she probably doesn’t know either. I already know she’s going to be feisty, in her own way.

I love when Jimmy and I are cuddling and he feels her wiggling around. It’s so incredible. And he sometimes says, “I can’t believe you feel that all the time!” But, I’m so glad I do! Even when she gets hiccups (she got them just as I began this sentence), I am reminded that there is a little person in me. There is a little person in me! I love it.

And pretty soon, there will be a little person no longer inside me, but comfortably in my arms. I can count the weeks on my fingers!

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