Sanity-saving Pregnancy Must-Haves (for me)

I am entirely glad I haven’t had to work through this pregnancy. I mean, the timing thing was really an advantage. More money would certainly be nice, but in the throes of first trimester nausea and third trimester aches and pains, I’m terribly glad I decided to go the much more boring and relaxing route of just staying home.

However, that’s not the only thing that saved my sanity. Some of us can’t simply stay home, but even for those of us who do, there are a lot of things that bother a pregnant momma. And there are a few things that every pregnant woman should have. Or maybe, just me.

Everyone’s different.

1. Hot Baths

Let me say first that there is not a clear verdict on whether pregnant women can safely take hot baths or showers. For some women, it’s risky to raise your body temperature, but my philosophy on pregnancy is go with your gut AND your doctor (that is, if you can do both). I was never overwhelmed by warm water, and my doctor gave me the OK, so I have wound up taking more baths in the last 8 months than I probably ever have in any other 8-month span of my life. Plus, Neptune, my kitty, has a silly fascination whenever I take one, and so I get a little wet-kitty comedy show out of it too! Speaking of kitties…

2. Cats


This is my sweet Mercury. And, as I mentioned before, I also have Neptune. We got them as kittens a couple months before we found out we were having a baby, which was probably a good thing, because they were not easy to parent at first. But once I was pretty much quarantined due to excessive nausea (not like some moms, but it doesn’t take much to be miserable), it was nice to have the cuddly company. There are some definite cons: smelly cat food and litter (I still don’t do those jobs), fur everywhere, and litter dangers. But, they force me to get out of bed, give me sleepy cuddles all day, and above everything, give me lots of love and laughter daily.

3. Sports drinks and Cheese

I lump these together because these are the only two consumables that I would have had trouble without. In my first and second trimesters, I had a lot of sports drinks (and Smart Water) because if I vomited, I needed the electrolytes and sometimes the small amount of salt and sugar was much more helpful at calming my tummy than just water. And to be more specific, the Babybel Light cheese wheels have been life-saving. Fatty foods can be upsetting to a stomach (which is why I buy light), but it’s still really important to get clean protein, and meat was just not cutting it for me. I’ve eaten so many of those little things, I couldn’t imagine not having them. Bonus: Kefir. The fruit-flavored Kefirs are wonderful if you have trouble with savory food or dairy, and they are packed with protein and probiotics!

4. The Trusty Two: Doctor and Husband

This is a little different for everyone, depending on their situation. But I believe every pregnant woman should have two people she completely trusts: her practitioner (midwife, doctor, etc.) and a person you love and trust completely. Finding a doctor or midwife you trust can be hard, but it is so important. If you ever leave your check-up uncomfortable because of the way you were treated, find someone else, no matter how far along you are. I LOVE my doctor, because I always feel more at ease when I leave, and that’s more precious than diamonds. The second person could be a mom, sister, friend, or, most likely, a significant other. My husband cares about everything I read/hear, how I feel, and what his role is during the pregnancy and after. If your person can do that, you will have a much easier pregnancy, I truly believe it.

5. Comfy pants

This is a no brainer. You don’t want to shave your legs when you’re 8 months pregnant. I don’t want to shave them normally, but, you know, that’s a quirk of mine. You MUST have a pair of pants (and probably leggings too) that you can wear everywhere you go. I tried the “belly band” thing for a little while when I was newly pregnant, but it just didn’t cut it after a while. Get those pants as soon as you find out you’re pregnant!

6. Panty liners

Now, for me, these have been very useful. The thing is, pregnancy can be gross; a lot of changes happen, and if I don’t want to have to change twice or three times every day, I need one of these. I thought I would be done with lady products for a while, but I was wrong. Also, they provide that extra bit of protection if, say, you have a really good laugh and a squished bladder…

7. Water bottle

I opt for the kind with a straw, because it’s much easier for sipping. Since I spend so much time lounging, it’s much easier to have the bottle right next to me, and there are no worries about spilling. Plus, whenever I get really overheated or nauseous, I put the bottle on my stomach (right underneath my breasts) or on the back of my neck. The coolness, even if it’s room temperature, helps me get through those episodes. Also, having water next to you will increase how much you drink, which is very important, even just in general.

8. Meditation

I started working on this when I began my birthing class. One of our assignments was to do 3-minute breathing exercises 3 times a day. It has helped so much to center myself and focus on my breathing, regardless of whatever else is going on. I think it will translate very well when I go into labor, because focus has not been a strong skill for me, especially lately. But right now, it helps me get through some difficult feelings and has even helped once when I was overheated and dizzy. And it’s nice to just stop for a moment, every day. I also believe prayer can be a huge thing for regaining focus and maintaining a positive outlook.

9. Pillows!

Pillows are a tremendous help! Particularly in the third trimester, getting comfortable can be super difficult. I have two pillows under my head, a body pillow to my left and another pillow between me and Jimmy. I could use more if I wanted to, but that’s all I really need at the moment. I’ve also considered getting a snoogle. As long as I have a bunch of pillows, I think I’ll survive.

10. Humidifier

Oh boy, when I got sick, this was the first thing we bought. The maintenance can be a little annoying, but compared to having dry air, it’s heaven. Here in the South, we don’t have too much trouble with dry air, but the winter really surprised me. I’ve noticed that during the nights when I use it, I have a much easier time breathing and am not nearly as thirsty when I wake up. Plus, it will help a person who gets bloody noses, and it’s super useful with sick little ones. Very worth it!

11. Lotion

Oh boy! I didn’t get stretch marks right away, and when I did, they were in places I wasn’t expecting. Now that I’m in my third trimester, they are popping up quickly since my girl is growing so fast! Some women swear by certain products, some women rub their bellies four times a day, but as far as I know, stretch marks are just a fact of pregnancy for some women. It’s tough to wave goodbye to your pre-pregnancy body, but it’s wonderful to embrace the new one, even the scars, because your body is making a HUMAN BEING! But stretching skin is ITCHY, and lotion makes it SO much better. Plus, it’s a good opportunity to get some affection from your man. I’m definitely taking advantage of that part!

So, there you have it! Some things I just could not imagine living without during this fantastic, magical time of growing a baby. For the record, most of the products in the pictures are the ones I actually use. If you want to buy them for yourself, you can comment, email, or utilize your google skills!

Thanks for reading!

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