Baby Talk: Are you bored yet?


I love the word “aloha” because it is a greeting, a farewell, and an “I love you” all in one! But, besides the fact that I recently discovered Charleston has ZERO Hawaiian restaurants nearby (the outrage!), I don’t really have a reason for the tropical hello except to say “Hello!”

In two days, I’ll hit 37 weeks gestation. I’m reeling a little bit. Yesterday was April 1st (and, thankfully, I have no pranks to report)! And I found myself thinking, “But April is the month of my daughter’s birth…” Well, most likely. I can’t believe it’s already here! This month I will probably be officially (like on my taxes) a parent! I’m already in mommy mode in some ways.

Like nesting… Yeah. That’s been in high gear. Look!


It’s not the best picture, and her room isn’t totally done yet, but we are getting there! I mean, if we had to bring her home soon, we’re in great shape! Anyway, it’s update time.

I have been feeling like EV will be early. My reasons are: 1) She is super squirmy, I think she may not want to stick it out the whole time, 2) My mom was born early and so was I, although, my other siblings weren’t all early, 3) My body is preparing like crazy, more on that in a moment, and 4) I’m pretty much ready to be normal again, and to see my girl!

But you know, it could just be wishful thinking. Most first-time moms go past the expected due date. Only 5% of babies are even born on the due date. The most common date is 41 weeks 1 day. But almost 90% of babies are born between weeks 37-41. And I’ve got 2 days before I hit that window.

Oh. My. Goodness.

I am surprised by how I can continue to get bigger. I’m pretty much all baby, and when I look in the mirror, it’s sort of daunting. But she’s perfect as far as we all know, so that’s fine! My body is starting to be like “Hey, we should practice this whole labor thing real quick, just so we can get the hang of it!” Fake contractions. No fun, but I’m pretty confident that it’ll be better for me to kind of have some sort of grasp on it before we hit the big day. My cervix is closed, says doctor (which was actually a different one, so that I can see a familiar face if mine isn’t available), and my weight gain and baby’s position are all good.

Seems like we’re on track for a normal delivery. Yay for not being special!

As far as baby loot goes, we are just so incredibly blessed. We have everything we need and then some. There are a few blanks to fill in, but I kind of feel like that will always be the case, so I’m not at all worried. EV has so many cute outfits, tons of blankets (TONS!), toys, bottles, diapers and wipes galore, towels, furniture, books, bibs, and I could go on. We put the car seat in the car! That was exciting. And the hospital bag is alllllmost done. Some laundry and a few snacks and toiletries should put us right on the money!

How? HOW? I cannot begin to understand how we managed to get everything we needed. It didn’t seem possible. But, you know, God can do anything I guess. (Of course He can!)

But more than the stuff, because stuff is just stuff, and yeah, it’s important to have stuff with a baby, but it’s still material. More than that, He brought us people. We faithfully hopped on a plane with next-to-nothing and planted ourselves in an unknown land. Then we found out we were bringing a baby around.

No family. No friends. Just a job, a couch and a mattress.

And while I have to commend everyone back home for being as supportive as humanly possible while hundreds or thousands of miles away, I also have to say that it’s not the same as having a support network in your home base. I’ll admit to being worried that we would feel a little stranded. Phone calls are not enough, we all know this.

But one day, Jimmy and I decided we should try going to church again. We wanted to find one, but we halted a bit after my nauseous first trimester. So we tried again, and eventually we found one. A small, young one (rare for the Bible Belt). And what was said and what they did and how welcomed we felt all led us to the certainty that this was our church. It was kind of strange. All the other places we went weren’t wrong, or anything, but there was a difference. Like being invited into someone else’s house is fine, comfortable even, but it’s not home. This church focuses on small groups of 10-15 in addition to Sunday service, and our group just opened their arms wide.

Then they threw us a shower. I’m still astonished that they would just do that. God’s love, I keep telling myself.

At that shower, I realized how many people God has really brought. We have our church group, which is made up of amazing people that I am thrilled will be a part of EV’s life. And then there are the people that Jimmy works with, who have also been beyond friendly and amazing to us. We had a huge gathering.

And it’s only been 8 months, guys. None of these folks have known us for more than a few short months.

I wish I knew how to be more grateful.

Gosh, ok. This is probably boring by now. One last piece of baby news.

Today I have my second meeting with our doula. Did I mention we hired a doula? It was pretty neat, we won a silent auction for her package, and it just so happened to be the pregnancy massage therapist I had seen last year post-car-accident. Relationship already established! We’ll go over my birth plan and, yeah, pretty soon baby will be here!


Like, any day now.

Yikes! And Yay!


One thought on “Baby Talk: Are you bored yet?

  1. I am happy and excited for you, Moriah, Jimmy and Evangeline. Thanks for writing such a lovely post. Chris/Mom

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