Online quizzes have an enemy in me

Yes, yes, everyone with an internet connection has done one. A quiz. For entertainment, of course. What is your spirit animal? Which Doctor Who companion are you? What kind of fruit matches your personality?

It’s silly, but it’s good fun.

For everyone but myself, that is.

You see, I like to take these quizzes just like everyone else. A lot of people find that the results are surprisingly accurate, even if they might be a tiny bit contrived. Why wouldn’t it be right? You know yourself pretty well, don’t you?

Yeah, well, I like to think I do know myself, and that’s why I’m so confused when the last two dozen “quiz” results I’ve gotten are so very off.

If I’d kept a record of them all, I’m sure you would see what I mean. But I haven’t, save for the last one that’s been going around on my Facebook feed.

What color is your aura?

I don’t claim to know anything about auras, really, but I know that the color corresponds with a certain attitude or energy. Whether you believe in them or not, the quiz was really just for entertainment.

And I’m so, utterly baffled.

Here are the quiz questions, and my answers:

Who would you most like to meet? The last Russian Czar and his family
Pick your music. Acoustic guitar
Best method of transport. I’m not going anywhere
Last thing you read. The Bible
Pick an activity. Singing hymns
Choose some nourishment. Bagels and lox
The very best days include: Books and tea
Choose your companion. Significant other
Choose a happy place. Meadow of flowers

Now, I would say that this is a pretty good representation of me. Compared to the other answers, all these things lined up most closely with what I want for my life at the moment.

But, for your confusion, I must reveal my ludicrous result.

Yeah. Reading the bible and singing hymns is a real indicator of my party animal attitude. I mean, drinking tea and finding tranquility in meadows of flowers = wild child ON WHAT PLANET?

But seriously, this is the sort of thing I’ve been getting. I actively avoid all of the potential “night owl, party girl” responses because that’s not who I am. That’s, like, the opposite of who I am. And yet, the universe of the inter webs insists that I’m some untamed soul dying for attention. Sure, I have a blog, but I’m a homebody if there ever was one!

Perhaps I should have tried binge drinking in my high school days after all…



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