Mommy Instincts: The Underestimated Superpower

It has been a pretty interesting 10 days. My life has changed dramatically, and while I have been expecting most of this change for a while, there are some things I just did not see coming.

The hormones. Good grief! It’s like a wave of emotions hits you. All the “go” buttons are pushed at once. They call it Baby Blues, but it isn’t just bouts of crying. There is unending joy in there too.

I have actually likened my behavior to that of my infant daughter. Shaky lip, scrunchy face, not always with reason. And just wailing when it’s not going right.

We had trouble with breastfeeding when my milk came in. Probably because it came in like a firehose on a 3-day old infant. We’ve figured out how to manage it without drowning my daughter, but the emotional baggage that comes with feeding issues is heavy. Like, the airport would give you two extra weight fees kind of heavy.

I’m so glad we got past that. At least for now.

The other thing I underestimated was my mommy senses.

It manifested one night in a particularly strange way. I was sleeping, right next to my girl’s Pack’n’Play of course, and when she cried, before I was even fully awake, I knew exactly what she needed. I was right every time. The only time it didn’t work as well was when I was already awake.

Also, Jimmy and I have been getting these weird sensations that EV is under the blankets. We have been waking up and searching our bed for her. In a semi-dream state, I would even see her legs or her face poking put from the sheets, but I felt no baby. Talk about disconcerting!

And last night, I went to bed early, so Jimmy had her out in the living room. I got out of bed 3 times to see how she was doing. Eventually I just told him that she had to come be with me. I couldn’t take it anymore.

These spidey senses are coming in handy, but they totally take me over. Check her breathing. Is she uncomfortable. Just feed her! It’s a little crazy around here.

But we love it!


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