Happy Mother’s Day, my first one!

Today is Mother’s Day. It’s crazy. I had no idea I would be a mother this time last year. I suspected it was possible, but I wasn’t even pregnant.

But here I am! Cuddling at 5am with my firstborn. I am so astonished at how much my life has changed in one year. And now, I’m on the journey of motherhood, and no year will be the same as the last.

How has my mom done it all this time?
I have a super hero of a mother. Even just remembering some of the things that happened when I was a kid, well, it makes me shutter or be filled with joy, depending on the memory. She has done things for me that go beyond the call of motherhood. But at the same time, they don’t, because she’s a fantastic mom and of course she would do all those things for me.

Here I am, all grown up. My life, my blessings, and all things good I’ve ever had are a testament to the woman who taught me how to be human. So, you know, I’m hoping I can be a little bit like her with my daughter. I’ll probably throw in a little more Doctor Who than she did, but I hope to at least get the gist of this motherhood gig.

So, in case you have trouble reading between the lines, I love my mom. I’m still emotionally attached, even if I was only physically attached for a short time and even though I’m no longer within 3000 miles of her homestead. She’s my mom. I’ll always love my mom.

She will be such a wonderful Omi to my EV. Omi is a loving German name for grandma. And though she is far away (right now), I have no doubts that my children, starting with my beautiful daughter, will be so in love with her. I can’t wait for her to come meet her granddaughter! It will be a wonderful week!

I certainly have amazing grandmothers. Omi and Grammie. They are strong, God-loving women, who have bent over backwards for their grandbabies! I couldn’t have asked for better grandmas! There are irreplaceable memories locked away in my history that are precious, just because my Omi and/or Grammie were a part of them. I love them dearly.

And my mother-in-law too. What a lady! Not only did she raise the most amazing man I’ve ever met, but she did a pretty decent (meaning super!) job with 4 fantastic women also. And she’s taken on the grandma gig like nobody’s business! She’s sweet, thoughtful, and loving beyond description. I love her too. If she turns out anything close to my grandmas, and there isn’t a doubt in my mind that she will, EV will have many fond memories of her relationship with a wonderful grandma.

God has placed me in a family of awe-inspiring women. Mothers. And this year I join them. I have quite the standard to live up to! But I was surrounded by the best examples and raised by the best women.

And all of them taught me at least one valuable lesson: Love God and love your kids. You’ll do ok.

Happy Mother’s Day!


One thought on “Happy Mother’s Day, my first one!

  1. It is true…out of the love that has been poured into you, Moriah, you just naturally want to pour it out into EV. That is true to God’s Word: “We love because He first loved us.” We love because God (and our moms and grandmoms) loved us first. (And dads, but the day to honor them comes in June!). I am touched by your compliments and look forward to being your mother-in-law and EV’s grandma for many years! I’d like to add one lesson to the “Love God and love your kids” and that is as it was told to me: “Loving your spouse is the best gift you can give to your kids.” I think EV already has “the best gift”. Hope you had a wonderful 1st Mother’s Day! Love you! Chris

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