Perfect Baby, Literally!

Ok, so maybe it’s impossible for any baby to be literally perfect, but it sounds like mine has come pretty dang close!
She is big and beautiful! And the last three weeks have been quite the joyous, though rather sleepy, adventure!

She was born at 7 lbs 3 oz and 19.75 inches long. Right in there with the average babies, so that was great. But, she had all these tests that seemed abnormal to the hospital (they were eventually redone and came back normal) in addition to losing 8% of her weight. Apparently that’s high, but my body had done a decent job getting ready for her, so she got what she needed from me. At 6 days old, she was 6 lbs 13 oz, if I am recalling correctly. The 24th percentile. A little little, like mommy. But she was healthy, and the doctor gave us the ok to set up our 2-week visit (which actually was almost 3-weeks, but they didn’t seem to mind).

Prior to our first well visit, my milk had come in kind of like a fire hose. Poor baby, I was spraying way too much at her! It made her quite fussy and took a real toll on my heart (and tear ducts). I was afraid that she wasn’t getting enough. But her diapers were normal, and actually, she gave us more dirty diapers than average, which indicated that she was eating plenty.

But the pacifier was a bad idea that first day. My soft nipple was not as appealing as the rubber soothie, and with the milk troubles, she wasn’t having it. It took perseverance, and the patience of God, but we eventually figured it out. No pacifier on day one of milk rush. Got it!

She was a champ after that, though. I decided, since I’m a stay-at-home mommy, feeding on demand was my best course of action. My itty baby was used to being fed 24 hours a day! And soothing her with warm milk from the breast is a beautiful bonding experience.

Her paternal grandparents and one of four aunties from Daddy’s side came to visit. She took to them like a fish to water. It was fun and a week full of love! She did so well when I wrapped her up and took her places! My little Carolina girl has seen much of her hometown.

And I couldn’t even begin to rave and rant about her Daddy. She has him wrapped around her little finger if any daughter ever has! He has just loved her from the first moment she became earthside! And she totally loves him back.
Aren’t they adorable?

It’s still undecided whose features she has, although it is pretty clear to me that she has my hair and my dad’s nose! It seems she has a heart-shaped face like mommy as well, but her eyes, lips and chin are harder to place. But these things are for sure: she looks like mommy, and she’s definitely a Kramer!


So today, we had our second well visit. I have prayed for my girl. Last night was particularly challenging. She cried a lot, refused to eat, and made mommy and daddy super exhausted and sad. We were both up from 1am to 4am, not mention before and after a few short times. I was so angry and exhausted and sometimes…

Well, sometimes it’s hard to imagine that I will never be able to go back. Not that I want to go back! But instead of finding rest in the night, I’m met with dread. Instead of breaking my stir craziness with a night at a restaurant or movie, I have to suck it up and feed my infant 4 times in an hour. Instead of eating whenever and whatever I want or using the bathroom or taking a shower or watching a movie whenever I need it, I have to soothe a crying newborn and ignore the intense pain that rises in my chest.

I know it won’t be like this forever, but it won’t ever be the same again. So forgive me if I sigh out of turn, or take a moment here and there to manage this overwhelming new life with a period of crying.

But that sweet face… My beautiful baby is all worth every second. There is no contest. I’d put up with it five thousand times for this girl. For my family.
So, back to today!

I wasn’t nervous. I love our pediatrician! Him and his practice are of a Christian foundation, and there is just something about knowing that it is extremely likely your daughter’s doctor prays for her. Besides that, he is very nice and open and he just seems to love what he does.

So they checked her out. And lo and behold, she is perfect!
In fact, the exact words from the doctor were this: if they had a perfect baby contest, she would win. Seriously!

I am one proud momma!

She is currently 8 lbs 6 oz! He said she jumped from the 24th percentile for weight to the 65th! Also, she is in the 97th percentile for length (she’s got Daddy’s tall gene!) and her head size is about average.

Thank you breast milk!

God is faithful and good to me. To my family.

He made my daughter perfect! Literally! How could I not be happy?

I could be less tired, but I could not be more happy.

I love you, little – I mean big! – EV!


One thought on “Perfect Baby, Literally!

  1. What a “straight from the heart” post, Moriah. Yes, the exhaustion will become less as E.V. settles into sleeping longer and your body adjusts to your new life. Hold onto hope! We continue to pray for you all. I am so happy for Evangeline’s “perfect” report. And I loved the pictures…the one of Jimmy holding her is so great. Thanks for writing! Love, Chris

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