An Update On My Beautiful Life

I cannot believe this. I’m now 23 (as of June 6th), and everything that has happened since my last birthday has drastically changed my life. I cannot believe this life that I have. God is gracious and faithful and so, so loving!

So, let’s get up to date, then.

(Quick note: Just as I began this post, one of my favorite songs came on. “Hold Me” by Jamie Grace. And the reason I love it so much? Because every time it comes on, I feel like God is wrapping His arms around me, reminding me just how much he really loves me.)

First, here’s my pretty baby at 5 weeks old. She is such a joy!


And here she is now, at 7 weeks (as of tomorrow).10462841_10152225023568727_6181148615696139028_n

That’s right folks! My baby is smiling… ON PURPOSE! As hard as this mom gig gets sometimes, there is nothing like watching your baby smile at you because you’re you. I’m Mom to EV, and she’s starting to actually know that.

She will just look me directly in the eye and stare, like she’s trying to figure me out. And when I say “Hi baby, I love you!” she actually grins so much she can’t see out of her squinty eyes!

She gets that from Daddy. Oh, man, that brings a flutter of joy in my heart!

And she’s getting so big! Jimmy weighed her at about 10.5 pounds the other day, which means she is growing like a little weed. Pretty soon she’ll be a big weed! We’re getting to the point where I can look at her, and when I think “I can’t believe I pushed that out of me,” I have to correct myself and say “Well, I didn’t push that out of me!”

The most substantial thing I’ve been trying to do is keep these words on my mind: She is my right now.

I loathe myself sometimes for obsessing over Facebook or TV because I should now be afraid that I will miss my girl’s childhood. So, when I find myself searching for my phone or the remote or some other distraction, I make sure to take a few moments and just stare at her. Because she is my right now.

She won’t always be like this.

Heck, I had to put some onesies away because THEY DON’T FIT ANYMORE! It’s going so quickly, like a fading mist! You spend one second not paying attention, and that time is gone all of the sudden. All we get is right now. So, even if you don’t have kids, remember to enjoy the moments you want to enjoy. Enjoy the moments that you actually can enjoy.

I spent way too much time wishing time was gone. I see that now.

Kids sure do change you, huh?

Moving on. Let’s talk visits! My parents came to visit at the end of May. It was super nice! They are just in love with their first grandchild! (Duh.) I think my favorite part of their visit (besides seeing them love my little girl) was going to Magnolia Plantation. It was a great day, good weather, lots to do!



That’s one of the bridges on the beautiful lot! Charleston really is a beautiful place to live. I do miss the cold Northwest though.

But my daughter was born here. It will always have a special place in my heart.

Here are some photos of my folks!





I am so grateful that they came!

And what else could I update on? Well the kitties of course!

Here’s a picture of them cuddling:


They act quite like a real brother and sister now. They get along, they tolerate living with each other. Sometimes they hate one another, and other times they are just lovey.

Neptune still acts like a dog. I’ve heard it from so many people. He loves visitors and, yes, he still likes to fetch.

Mercury, on the other hand, still has issues with strangers. Mainly men, but women are an issue also.

We bought more feliway to calm her down. When the baby was born, we expanded their territory into the office so that they didn’t feel encroached upon. And we switched from a wet+dry diet to a sole wet diet (which is mostly meat). I think it’s silly to see fruits or veggies on the ingredients list for cat food now that I know cat’s are obligate carnivores. They need meat, and nothing else, save for maybe some cat grass on occasion.

Mercury has made a ton of progress though! When my parents were here, she came out after a few days, but now that my sister and friend are visiting, she has come out and actually let them touch her! It’s a huge milestone for her.

They aren’t my babies, but they are my family and their stress makes me sad. So I am thrilled that she seems to be coming around!

So that’s it. That’s my life update right now. I’ll keep plugging away at chronicling my life!

Stay happy!

…and here’s one more smiling picture!






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