All Kinds of Journeys


I am embarking on all sorts of new journeys! I could really, really use some prayer.

I can’t really say why all this stuff has been on my heart lately, but I feel like I’m perhaps leaving my life of watching home renovation competition shows and cupcake wars behind. This of course started with the birth of my daughter. Like all babies, she demands a fair bit of my time.

Clearly I find some time to write. She sleeps a lot after all. But, you know, I really thought I heard something about how, like, kids get older and sleep less and need you more. Maybe it’s just a rumor.

Ok, pretty sure it’s not a rumor, but I’m really wondering why God has lead me to do all these things:

– Be a mom: Working out ok so far!

– Start college: I start in 6 days, and I have a phone meeting tonight. *nervous laughter*

– Write creatively: Ok… so I haven’t continued this one yet, but that last one is supposed to kickstart me.

– Maybe do a little bit of working from home: Still not sure if this will work out yet, but it would be nice to have a way to pay for college. God-willing!

– Start a devotional: It’s called Praying for Poo, because I’ve actually done a lot more of that than I thought I would.

– Consider moving back to the Pacific Northwest: We’ve found out that moving back when Jimmy’s done with his rotations here in Charleston is pretty much our call. If he wants a job out there, it would be pretty easy.

I’m starting to wonder if I might be crazy for having so much peace about it all. But lo and behold, I am one peaceful momma! Still, I want to be sure that I’m pursuing the things that God wants for me, so I really should meditate in prayer. I mean, I have been praying about all this stuff, but I’m not entirely sure which direction to go 100%. So far, it’s all sort of just fallen into my lap. With this blog, and the devotional, and school and the potential job, and my personal writing projects, I’m wondering where I’m going to find time to be a mom, which is obviously my first priority and the most important of all of them.

What have I gotten myself into?

Oh yeah, and did I mention I want to actually start working out soon? Because I think it would be good for me. But I don’t really want to, so I’m willing to bet that it won’t happen. But I kind of want to because I think I’ll feel better. Maybe I should learn to cook and clean too, because I’m a homemaker and all, and I really should know how to do the “making” part.

Ok. Yeah. I’m definitely crazy. But a good kind, maybe?

I’m just going to get my mind off of all this and talk about my devotional really quick.

Like I said, it’s called Praying for Poo, and you can check it out here. Please, read all the pages and feel free to participate. I want to make sure everyone who visits knows that I’m doing it mainly to strengthen my personal relationship with God. I’m not, like, a pastor or anything, and so the only advice I can give is as a friend. But, I’m going to be reflecting on scripture and asking questions so others can reflect as well.

I’m not really sure if it will pan out. I might just stop after I reach “Day 30” so that I can focus on other things. I might stop before then. I might just keep going. Ultimately, I want what God wants for me, and I think He is really wanting me to go for it. If not for anyone else, for myself. So read, or not, but make sure that you keep seeking. Do it for yourself.

This does come with an ironic story, actually. Of course, new parents know that good poo is essential to knowing your newborn is healthy, and when little EV was having trouble in the beginning, I found myself praying for poo! Please, God, give me a sign that she’s doing well! He listened, and I was sooooo grateful.

8 weeks later I found that EV was having trouble again. I’m not sure why, but she just couldn’t seem to get that good poop out of her system, and I could tell it was painful. It broke my heart! So, again, I prayed for a dirty diaper. What I got was, yes, a dirty diaper. And a dirty blanket, and dirty pants, and even dirty underwear, since that’s where she was seated on me when it BLEW!

Haha, God! You’re such a jokester!

I couldn’t help but laugh! I love her!

Oh yeah, and I did mention that it’s been 8 weeks, right?



Happy 2 months, baby girl!

I am so in love with her.

Anyway, if I could make a request, would you pray for me? I’m a little uncertain where my life is headed at the moment, but I’m excited and I really want to act according to God’s will. I feel like a broken record, but God is really the most important one in my life, and He has been super faithful, but you know, He’s the only one who always knows the future, and not-knowing can be kind of frightening for those of us who are Earthlings. Am I right?

Have a super week, and seek, seek, seek! (I don’t usually end with a rhyme… maybe I should more often!)


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