The Little 3-month-old

Hey y’all!

Let me be the cliché parent and say that these past 3 months have been the most amazing months of my life. Tomorrow, little EV will be exactly 13 weeks/3 months old. She is a joy. And a terror, occasionally.



Some new things lately:

– Teething! (Thankfully it’s just slight fussiness and biting, no major issues yet)

– Complete head control.

– Cooing like crazy! She loves to chat with: mommy, daddy, her forest friends on her playmat, and various other colorful objects.

– Nighttime fussiness. That’s been fun. (Not.)

– Partiality to Mom. Poor daddy 😦

– Size up to 3-6 month clothes. (Already? I KNOW.)

– Size up to bigger diapers.

– A smoochie face! OMG it’s so adorable!

– HIGH SUCK NEED. It’s actually been a little bit of an issue for nursing. Get to that shortly.

– Lots and lots and lots and lots of smiles! Hooray!

– Starting to put everything in her mouth. Hmm.

– A growth spurt, as of yesterday.


We are sooooo super close to a laugh, I just know it. I’ve been saying it for weeks, because she’s been getting more and more excited about interacting with her environment (and parents) every day. But, this time, I really feel like it could be days away. I will let you know! If, you know, I have to time. I have a massively busy week ahead of me.

Oh! Yeah, I’ve been in school for a whole month already! It’s kind of crazy. But I’m a solid A student currently, and I’m enjoying learning about “the humanities” even though it can be a lot of useless information. (Like, who needs to know that Robert Frost grew up on a farm?)

Anyway, EV is reaching her fussiness peak. She is most certainly growing, since she slept like 18 hours yesterday and ate a ton, but that means she has been waking up crying. Jimmy pointed out that it could be growing pains. Gosh, I remember those. No fun!

But she’s out of her 0-3 month clothes. (It’s not, like, weird to be kind of sad about that, right?) She’s gaining weight. We can hardly keep up! We’re getting ready to move her crib into our room because she has just a few weeks before the pack’n’play bassinet won’t work for long-term sleep anymore.

She’s also heading into “crying-because-I’m-frustrated-but-I-don’t-actually-need-anything” territory. Cue nervous laughter from parents. Followed by bouts of sobbing.

And the sucking thing. Oy vey. She’s been getting pretty good mileage out of her pacifiers. She likes the firmness of the rubber, so it’s actually causing issues at the end of feeding time, because my breast is low on milk and gets soft. She kicks and punches and cries. And I sigh and get frustrated and just give her the pacifier. Maybe I’m a bad mom for doing it, but hey, she’s growing just fine as far as I can tell. That’s what counts, right?

Well, it also matters that she’s happy. Which she is! She is just super smiley all day long! Except, you know, when she’s cranky. Which is only for, like, maybe an hour total each day, BUT IT FEELS LIKE FOREVER. Hopefully that will die down in a few weeks.

And maybe we’ll have some laughter to get us through the tougher days!

That’s it for today. I will send you off with an EV smoochie face!



One thought on “The Little 3-month-old

  1. Thanks for the update, Moriah! EV is sooo bright-eyed, expressive and full of energy, it seems. I’m so glad to hear that she is a happy baby. And you are doing a wonderful job! Love, Chris

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