Pause for some videos

It was a dark and stormy… Friday afternoon.

This Charleston weather can be pretty intense! The cats are FAH-REAKING out right now. The clouds are dark, our patio is flooded, the lightning is bright and the thunder is LOUD.

I’m the only English-speaking creature in this house right now, so I don’t say a whole lot during the day. But I exclaimed earlier when lighting struck right above my house. (It stayed in the sky, it didn’t actually hit anything.)

But thankfully, EV is totally like, “Whatevs, it’s just a little weather.” Yeah. She was sleeping for a while. Then she woke up for a diaper change. Then promptly peed in the fresh diaper, like, even before I could finish buttoning her up again, and now she’s just chillin’, sucking on the pacifier. Life’s good.

Today has actually been a pretty amazing day so far. Long, for a weekday, but my little girl is just super smiley and chatty. It’s awesome! No laughing yet, but we are closer every day. Although, I suppose you could say that about anything imminent.

What has really sucked lately is NEPTUNE. Oh my word. I am having a lot of trouble loving that cat. He jumped into EV’s bassinet the other day and SCRATCHED HER FACE. I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean to, but that didn’t make me feel any better. After hours of crying and sleeplessness (solely on my part, EV only cried for like 2 minutes) I finally came to terms with something I’d been needing to learn. I elaborate more in my Day 10 post on my devotional, but basically, I need to trust God more. He’s in charge, and she belongs to Him, and I really have nothing to worry about.

It’s nice, actually. I’ve stopped checking a dozen times a day to see if she’s still breathing.

WOW! That thunder is shaking the house. Literally. Not figuratively, but literally. All my babies are close 🙂 Now the hubs just needs to get home safe and sound.

She’s just so not phased by this at all. Today, she’s only cried about wanting a diaper change or food. Other than that, she’s been smiling or sleeping. I even got some homework done, and got 100% on my quiz. It’s a good day.

Gosh, and she’s sleeping in my arms right now, (yes, I am multi-tasking) and grinning so huge. I. JUST. LOVE. HER.

Anyway, here are some videos from pre-thunderstorm. It’s just the little Kramer, cooing and smiling. Enjoy!

Can’t get enough? There’s lots more, starting from day one! Or even before that, if I ever upload the one where she’s wiggling around in my tummy. Just ask me!

have a great weekend!


3 thoughts on “Pause for some videos

  1. “Oh, Mom, I just love talking with you. I just can’t quite get all the sounds out! But I will soon!”
    Thanks for sharing these darling videos, Moriah.

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