5 months already!

The Little Kramer has already become a 5-month-old and I can barely believe it! What happened to month 4? Or 3 for that matter? SHE WILL BE 6 MONTHS BY HALLOWEEN!

This is madness.



EV is such a joy. She is super smiley. My heart is warmed every day when I wake up and say “Good Morning!” because there is a large grin just waiting for me. I love it!

So, I will try to list all the new things, but there is something every week it seems, so I might miss something!

– She can now roll over both ways with ease!
– She prefers to sleep on her side or tummy.
– She loves grabbing, feeling, and pinching everything, especially Mommy’s face.
– She’s starting to laugh more when we play and sing!
– Everything goes in her mouth. Everything.
– She babbles a ton. Right now, she loves to blow bubbles and click her tongue!
– She LOVES other babies! And the kitties! (Such soft fur…)
– When she gets excited, her arms and legs go stiff and she hyperventilates!
– She laughs, shouts, arcs her back and then fusses, in that order, when she’s tired.
– She likes to play with her feet just as much as her hands.
– She is starting to understand who strangers are and who mom and dad are.
– She is taking longer naps during the day and sleeps better at night THANK GOODNESS.
– She is in cloth diapers now! (Except at night)
– She can reach for, grab, and put the pacifier in her mouth successfully, most of the time.

I feel like this doesn’t even cover half of what has changed in the last two months. I adore getting to know this little girl!

I am so excited to be using cloth diapers too! I did not realize that diapers could make me excited, but… well, they can. We bought a used lot and so far so good! We are still getting used to them, but I have the time to wash them properly and it will be so nice not needing to buy new diapers all the time. Actually, it’s been pretty nice already! Babies go through a lot of diapers in a week.

The kitties are taking an interest in her now, which is fun! I think they sense that we are more relaxed about them being around her. She loves reaching for them and really, really wants to put their faces in her mouth, so there is still a bit of supervising required.

I feel really lucky that she is an alright sleeper, too! I think her patterns are better than most at this age, but the fact that me and my husband tag team it at night makes a big difference! She still sleeps in our bedroom, in her crib next to us. And our mattress is still on the floor. Living with another human being means doing things whatever way it works!

Actually, EV and I spent our first few nights alone recently when Daddy went on a trip for work. It was only 3 nights (and 2 out of 3 went well), plus Grandma was here to help out! It was a lovely week for all 3 of us. But I’m glad Jimmy is back home! I think it put into perspective what we can handle as a family when it comes to business travel. In short, the more time we have together, the better!

We’re all happy and full of love here at the Kramer house!


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