Half a year! What happened?

Tomorrow EV will be 6 months old! I can’t believe it. They tell you it goes fast. You even believe them! But when you are 9 months pregnant and every day is agony just waiting to meet your baby, you don’t really believe them. Well, it’s true, folks. Babies grow up SUPER fast.

She is so fun these days! She laughs and smiles and plays and cuddles like its her job (because it kind of is)! We are starting to experience her sweet temperament and just a little attitude. We just feel so blessed to have this little girl as our daughter and both me and Jimmy are excited to learn more about her every day!

There are some exciting changes to tell you about too!


She is sitting up!! She can sit up all on her own, though she can’t push herself up to sit quite yet. We are so proud!

She can also get up on her hands and knees!! Crawling is just around the corner! (Cue nervous laughter)

One of my favorite things that she does now is reach for me. When you think of mom and baby, you often imagine a little one reaching up for Mom, touching her face, cuddling on purpose. That’s just started, and it really, really means the world to me. I’ve been a parent for some time, but now I really feel like someone’s “mom”.

Very soon we will be visiting the Northwest to introduce EV to some family and friends. We will also be watching some friends get married! Jimmy is in the wedding, so it seemed like an appropriate time to take vacation.

Even sooner is Halloween! I bought TONS of baby stuff to get EV through her first birthday, and one of those items is an adorable costume that I will not reveal until October 31! But I promise, you’ll swoon!


Anyway, I hope y’all have a super (safe) Halloween! Until then, have a wonderful week and a half!


One thought on “Half a year! What happened?

  1. Fun stuff, Moriah! It is wonderful to have her reaching for YOU at last. She is so close to being mobile and you are right to be a little nervous. That is a whole new game! Hope you, Jimmy and EV have a great time on Halloween. Looking forward to the photos! Love, Chris

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