EV’s First Halloween

I promised to update with Halloween pictures of our little love, so even though most who read this have probably already been spammed with pictures on Facebook, I am going to put them here anyway, because they are just so adorable!

For her very first Halloween, EV dressed up as…


A ladybug!! So cute right?

I wanted to keep with the theme, but you know, I’m terrible at prepping Halloween costumes and I’m also terrible and wanting to spend money on them, so I did something super easy! I present to you a lady-bug and a gentleman-bug!


I spent $5 making the antennae, and everything else was in my closet!

Here are some more pictures of our quiet night.





Cute right?

Though I wish to elaborate on the glorious things that have been going on with me, I will leave this blog as a simple “look how cute my babybug is” type of thing. Please, though, if you see me, ask me about this life-changing thing that has happened to me! We will be in the northwest in a matter of days and I am so excited to meet up with some familiar people! It’s been too long!

I leave you with one final photo. Farewell and Happy November!



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