Happy Days in the PNW

Hey y’all!

The Kramer clan returned from our visit to the PNW last Wednesday, and it turned out to be an amazing trip! Here is the day by day analysis, with some cute pictures included, obviously!

Day One – Flying

Our flight out of Charleston left midday, so we spent the morning relaxing, Jimmy did a little work from home, and at the last possible second, we packed! Thankfully EV was very compliant and just enjoyed watching Mom and Dad run around like crazy people! But, we had plenty of time to catch our flights, which thankfully were both easy with her, and arrived late that night. When we got home, the little one met her uncles for the first time!


Days Two & Three – Chillin’

We spent the next morning with family. We picked up Jimmy’s tux, caught lunch with Auntie, and then headed home to meet up with some friends until the evening. The next day, Jimmy was gone for a day of groomsmen duties and I caught up with more friends and family up until the very moment we left to my uncle’s birthday celebration, where, of course, EV would meet even MORE friends and family. She was seriously such a little trooper through it all, but we have such a happy girl on our hands that it doesn’t surprise me one bit that she did so well!

Day Four – Wedding!

This wedding was the major reason we flew out to the NW for early November. Jimmy was in the wedding, on the groom’s side of course, and you guessed it, EV would meet a bunch more of our friends! The day was an absolutely perfect fall day for a wedding. The ceremony was absolutely lovely and we all had tons of fun at the reception. And obviously, EV got tons of attention! How could she not, look at how cute she was!


And she did perfectly! She had her dirty diaper before we dressed her up, stayed happy and ate before the wedding, fell asleep for the duration of the ceremony, ate before the reception started, and stayed awake and happy as she got passed around at the reception! Could a parent of a 6-month-old ask for a more perfect situation? I really don’t think so!

Day Five – Family Day

The day after the wedding was completely dedicated to family. There were cousins, aunts, uncles, one FUTURE uncle (yay!) and many other NorthWest extended family members. She was especially a fan of getting some extra time with daddy!


Okay… here’s another!


I know these are a bit blurry, but that’s the trouble you run into when you have a wiggly baby!

Day Six – Portland Day Out

The weekend was over… but not for us! We spent the day with Omi and Auntie walking around Portland. Seriously, after our drive to Woodland for the beautiful wedding, and the high quality shopping in Portland and All. That. Amazing. Coffee. I was really feeling some homesickness. In addition to that though, I realized just how little of Charleston we’ve seen. So we need to get on that! Anyway, we managed to hit a few shops, grab some (surprisingly awful) coffee and beer (at the same time!) and rounded it out with some super yummy donuts (and some much better coffee)! After getting home, we caught up with some more friends at home and called it a day. Phew!

Day Seven – OMSI

After a lovely (and extremely hearty) breakfast in Longview with some of our DnD friends, we spent the afternoon at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, which, even though it doesn’t necessarily sound like it, is a super cool place for kids. They had a play place for kids 0-6 (the baby play place was sectioned off). We even got to introduce EV to her Great Grandpa! That’s right! Four generations under one roof! Here are two of them:


Fun fact! The OMSI featured exhibit was one that I had been to probably a decade ago! It was on my bucket list to go to it again (though, specifically, I was supposed to go with an old high school buddy of mine, so no check off of that yet)!


On another note, anyone else suddenly realize just how old Dexter’s Laboratory is? They had stopped making new episodes the first time this exhibit was at OMSI, so I must be getting older…

After OMSI we grabbed some Hawaiian food. Other fun fact! There are zero Hawaiian restaurants in Charleston. Had to take advantage of that.

Day Seven – Homeward Bound

We packed our suitcases (even more full than before thanks to many generous gifts for EV), and got to the airport for another midday flight out. This time, we got the obligatory PDX carpet photo. TWICE!

IMG_2344 IMG_2347

For those that don’t know, the PDX carpet has an expiration date, and some time ago this news sparked a tradition, where people take pictures of their feet and the carpet. The carpet is ugly, but it’s nostalgic for a lot of us Northwesterners, and therein lies its true beauty. There are even socks, t-shirts, and mugs with the design on them! Getting these pictures is enough for me today, though!

And that was our trip! We had a very fun time! EV got a lot of practice crawls in, but she hasn’t taken off yet. Soon though! One new thing for her is an increased interest in solid food! We are giving her more and more, and she loves it! She’s still my nursling though, and I hope it will be that way for a while.

I hope your November is going well and I hope God blesses you this coming holiday season! I am so STOKED for Christmas this year! Can you blame me?

Much love!


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