Christmas with the Kramers


Greetings friends and family!

Christmas has come and gone super quickly (like a certain little girl’s 8 months) and the Kramers spent their first Christmas ever just being home. It was bittersweet, because of course we wanted to see family! But, I imagine we will have many quiet, homey Christmases to come. Actually, I imagine they will be anything but quiet, but this last Christmas was quiet, and simple, and wonderful!

Now, I would absolutely love to tell you all about the gifts we got, but we got so much! It would be a bit too lengthy to mention all of them, so I will simply say that we loved everything. Some themes were: spa (for me), brewing (mostly for Jimmy, but I got some brewing gear too!), books, clothes (mostly for EV, and they are terribly adorable), toys for the kid of course, and socks for everyone! Hooray!

We spent Christmas Eve night at church, just to gather for a short time, talk about the gospel, share communion, sing some Christmas songs, and eat barbecue! It was short and sweet, and kicked off a very low-key Christmas.image2-2

As is true for most Christmases, I was up way early. We had breakfast and did a short bible study before we dove into our mound of presents! Now, this is the first year that we have been without either of our families, so I guess you could say we started our own traditions! They were awfully similar to the ones we’re used to, though. I imagine things will continue to evolve as our family grows bigger and older, but this year, I’m just happy to say we spent it together.

Warm fuzzy feelings all around!

After our gift extravaganza, half of which EV napped through, we relaxed in our jammies, and grazed on holiday candy until dinner, at which point the sun went down and we decided it was a great time to go see the James Island Park Festival of Lights! It was incredibly busy, but worth the wait. EV slept through that too (think she might be growing?) so this year, it was probably our last opportunity to enjoy lights like little kids while the actual little kid snoozed. As a parent, you have to enjoy the little things that you probably won’t have again for a few decades. So, we did. There was even a display for the company that provides us with a comfortable living! Hooray for Boeing!


In the years to come, I hope to fill our house with cookies, remember that Jesus’s birth is the reason we celebrate Christmas and every day, and bless our children and everyone around us with love (and gifts)! I had the idea to do an advent calendar where, instead of candy, the children open up a Christmas-y activity to do that day. One day will be the Festival of Lights! Another will be cookie baking! Another might be paper snowflakes or gingerbread houses! You’ll have to ask me next year to see how it pans out.

And, as usual, here are some adorable moments from your favorite little EV.

image1-3 image2-3 image4-1 image3-2

Oh yeah, did I forget to mention? EV is standing now! She uses support, but she can get herself up and down with ease! It’s only a matter of time before she starts walking. She might even be pitter-pattering around the house before she sprouts a tooth, but my guess is that it is very likely she’ll be walking before her first birthday!

I’m one proud momma!

Have a wonderful new year, friends!


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