The Next Kramer Kid

I’ve never been so thankful to be sick. Really. I found out a couple weeks ago that this family is the tiniest bit bigger! And that’s in number of people, not in amount of junk food eaten (though, I can’t say we’ve skimped on ice cream and cookies lately).

That’s right! There’s another kid growing away like a little seedling right now. We call this one “baby peppercorn” because that’s about the size this kid was when we found out.

It was kind of a fluke, actually. I’ve been wanting a second baby for a while. I was so disappointed when last December, I had no news on Christmas Day. I skipped a week with Aunt Flo, so I was getting antsy. But like everything else in my life, God put this on hold until I was truly content with the way things were. He likes to do that. But it’s not just being content with my current situation, but being peaceful about whatever might come next.

Fast forward to February. I had a leftover pregnancy test. I was late. I didn’t feel pregnant, but I thought, “what the hay?”

BAM! Pregnant. I was jumping around, screaming about how happy I was, about how EV was going to be a big sister. I couldn’t hold it in! EV probably thought I was a crazy person, but she sure enjoyed the show!

I had been complaining about the day to Jimmy via text. She was a little difficult that day I guess. So, I asked him “When can you be home?” Yeah, I knew he would assume that I was struggling and that I needed his help. So he wrote back “Baby problems?” And I said “Kind of. How soon can you get here?” He wrote “Leaving.”

And I dropped the bomb. “Good, because I don’t think you’ll be able to focus on work the rest of the day.” And that with a picture of that little leftover test and a huge blue plus.


I wasn’t sure if I wanted to see my doctor before we flew. There isn’t really much to know before 12 weeks, besides the due date. And I imagine doing a homebirth this time, so working with my doctor, as much as I loved him last time, seemed like a waste of money.

I might be dropping a bomb here, but we also don’t know if we’ll even be in Charleston when this baby comes. That’s another consideration in all this.

So we are traveling in a few days. And we should know soon if we will be needing to move. But I was happy to sit tight and enjoy having no symptoms.

Then the symptoms came. Not full swing, but the exhaustion, food aversions, nausea, you know. Feeling kind of miserable, I remember that part. I was worried about it with watching EV, so Jimmy spent a little extra time at home and helped me. Everything was going well.

But then, after a particularly hard day, I woke up feeling normal. I couldn’t ignore that my first thought was something was wrong.

No food aversions, no sickness, no headache. I wasn’t even very hungry. Perhaps it was an answer to prayer. Perhaps, it was something else. I couldn’t decide, and I didn’t know how I felt except that one pang in my heart told me I needed peace of mind.

So, I managed to get an appointment with my OB for the next day, which was today. Yesterday, I was worried.

I didn’t realize how attached I already was to this baby until I thought I could lose him, or her.

So we made the trip to the OB and got an itty bitty picture of this already formed peppercorn. And that heartbeat was going strong!

I’m still undecided about how I want to go about this one. I guess it will become clearer when we find out whether we will be moving or not. But, I am relieved to know we are so far, so good.

God is good to me on this day!

2 thoughts on “The Next Kramer Kid

  1. So excited for you! We’re already six months in with our second and I am just as nervous as before! I hope your symptoms don’t get worse. Sending so much positive vibes it might be illegal! 😛

  2. You are all on a new journey complete with all of its ups and downs…hopefully many more ups than downs. You’ve got lots of prayers coming from those folks who love you so much in Indy!

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